Your Trauma Is & Will Always Be Of Value..

Trauma is always valid no matter how big or small it seems to you or to others.

Your trauma is still valid even though it’s on your mind, and you keep it buried inside of you, because you feel as though you can’t or don’t want to talk about it to anyone.

Why would anyone understand?

Would people judge me?

Would people assume I am just some victim?

Our brain tends to play tricks on us, sometimes we can’t even remember some of our trauma, because we are in a state of shock, we are in fighter flight mode.

Our brain may never fully remember some of the events from our trauma or it may come to us hours, days, months, or even years later.

Just be patient , your brain will re-group and re-process, don’t overdo yourself, or think you have to solve all the puzzle pieces in one day.

Even though trauma has occurred a long time ago it’s always valid.

It’s always going to be a part of who you are to the core.

Trauma is an ongoing process.

We may get through it, however no matter what time passes we never just get over it, or snap out of it.

It’s an emotional scar, essentially a tattoo, it marks us, changes us, shakes us to our core.

It is absolutely okay to have our moments, it’s just a matter of not getting sucked into them, keeping ourselves busy and choosing to live a life we know that we deserve.

Some people may think you're being untruthful or dishonest when it comes to your trauma in which you yourself endured.

Only you , yourself truly knows what did and didn’t happen.

You don’t have to justify to anyone, unless they are law enforcement,that's usually  the people to trust, those will be one’s who place all of their faith in you, so justice can be served, if you're a survivor or witness to a crime, such as myself.

Even when you choose happiness over sadness it doesn’t mean your trauma is any less significant.

It means that you're living, and moving forward and gaining positive and meaningful interactions, with not only the people around you, however may also include your surroundings.

Just because your mental health may not be acting up at this current moment, doesn’t mean it was never there , it just means you may have gotten a handle on it, through counselling, or finding something you are passionate about in life.

Maybe you poured your heart and soul into a project, maybe through counselling you were able to go into your closet where you keep your trauma box and you are able to close it for this point in time.

Just because you have lived and endured trauma, doesn’t mean you need to live in hopelessness, despair, depression, and anxiety.

It means your living for you, and for all intensive purposes that's truly the best gift you can provide for yourself.

Maybe your life wasn’t placed in jeopardy , however someone close to you was, it’s crazy how one person's trauma can manifest into someone’s trauma.

A wife may have her husband come back from war with scars , and even emotional scars such as PTSD, that trauma is now the wife’s trauma too because the person closest to her, the father of kids is suffering, and now she too feels that pain.

Trauma doesn’t have to be directly to you; it can be your family member, your best friend, your child, yet now that trauma is shared.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and we compare our trauma’s, thinking that they are less significant or less meaningful than someone else's.

Every single trauma matters , because your journey, your life experience, it’s your chapter in your book.

Sometimes we don’t tend to see the value in our trauma. We tend to play off at first and go about our day to day life, then eventually it tends to catch up with us sooner than later.

It’s significant to acknowledge, understand our trauma as soon as it happens.

We deserve to recognize our trauma  as it happens, and find the tools we need so we can begin to live our best lives.

We have two options to go on in life ignoring our trauma, and knowing deep down it won’t go away or we have to face head on, and choose strength to guide us in the right direction.