Will Trauma Stand By Me?

Trauma will always stand by you and by me.

No matter what, your trauma doesn’t go away or disappear.

You learn to cope.

You learn to take it day by day.

You can take it hour by hour.

Time will never heal wounds, it’s what you do in that time that truly counts and really matters. 

It’s about how  you stand and surround your trauma.

You will have flashbacks of your trauma, you will have anniversaries of your trauma, you will have moments where you feel as though you're breaking all over again.

It’s about standing up against your trauma and not providing it with permission to consume , rather to get in front of it.

How you come up against your trauma is learning to rise above that means counselling, self care, finding positive outlets that will consume your time, the gym, painting, running, finding their passion, that hobby that motivates you to become everything that you want to be and more.

When you take time to cope and self reflect, you find that your trauma becomes less and not more to handle.

Trauma will always find its way to get into the mind, heart, body, and soul.

However it’s about taking time to acknowledge why that trauma is standing by you, what challenges are faced with that making your trauma still so close to you after all this time.

It’s about gaining that clarity, and insight into what is going on, only you know you best, no one else does.

Knowledge is power and when you can acknowledge your trauma coming to the surface and standing by you, that's when redirection comes into play and turning your mind, body, and soul into something beneficial.

It’s never going to be easy, it’s going to be hard, difficult, and challenging.

It’s hard work, and dedication.

You have to be willing to put forth a tremendous amount of effort into gaining that power back in your life, and making the sunshine after all the storms.

The choice is yours you can live in constant struggle, or fear which isn't living at all , that's denying you the life you can have and deserve,

You owe it to your trauma to step up and shine.

Be the hero of your story, raise awareness, talk about your trauma, to friends, family, co-workers, boyfriend,  girlfriends, councillors, and police officers.

Talk to people you trust and rely on, and can count on without so much as a hesitation.

Trauma will always stand by you, however it’s creating distance between you and your trauma.

 It's about providing yourself with space around your trauma, and not giving into power of your trauma which is so easy to do especially in moments of fear, panic, despair,  and anniversaries.

It’s unlearning to unlearn, it's learning to create healthy habits, instead of unhealthy habits.

When trauma is standing by you talk about it, make the phone call to that special person.  Your other option is to sit down and close your eyes and envision a drawer in which you're placing your trauma in that specific drawer, find the key and lock it up once and for all.  

It’s about finding different methods and different approaches to overcome your trauma.

It’s not only about standing by your trauma, but standing for it , and someday being that teaching lesson for someone else.