When Trauma Is Triggered

Trauma can be triggered for numerous reasons.

Trauma can be triggered when someone is close or remotely in your space.

Trauma can be triggered through reminders, flashbacks, memories, past experiences  resurfacing.

Trauma can be triggered during mental exhaustion when you are feeling hopelessness, and despair.

Trauma can be triggered through media.

Trauma can be triggered simply by being overwhelmed.

Trauma can be triggered through doing too much too fast, placing a significant amount of stress on yourself.

Trauma is triggered through lack of sleep and not eating.

Trauma can be triggered in your work environment, through your daily interactions and relationships with others that are purely toxic.

Trauma can be triggered through lack of self care, by placing yourself last time and time again.

Trauma can be triggered really through anything you do in your life.

Trauma doesn’t just end one day.

Trauma is a life sentence.

However it’s taking the necessary steps to not allow it to consume you because when you do your life is led down a dark path, where you shouldn't be going.

It’s about getting in front of your trauma and not behind it.

When trauma is triggered, acknowledge it, don’t run from it.

When you run it becomes dangerous because then you are in denial.

You should be searching for answers.

This is the part where you dig deep and you self reflect.

Ask yourself questions.

What exactly is my trigger right now?

Why is this trigger making me feel the way that it is?

How do I feel right now?

What can I do so I am not stuck in this moment?

What tools and steps do I need to take to move forward?

Should I reach out to my support system?

What supports are in my toolbox?

How can I adjust?

What are my action steps to take so this doesn’t happen again?

Do I need to cut ties with something in my life that isn’t serving its purpose?

When you ask yourself questions you're gaining clarity and insight.

You are looking for a solution to fix the problem.

When we place a bandaid on it’s a temporary fix.

It’s important we address triggers right away so it doesn’t get out of hand.

It’s like when an addict has a slip up and goes back to old habits.

You fix that relapse by going into an AA meeting etc.

Your tigger is your drink or drug of choice.

You have options to keep moving forward or go backwards.

The choice is yours.

I hope you look at the life you have and reflect on just how far you have come.

I hope you see the light before darkness and come to a conclusion to fix the triggers.

To see that the triggers don’t have to be the be end ,and end all.

It’s another obstacle you have to overcome. That's how you look at it, for what it is.

You take it with a grain or salt, you come to terms with the trigger.

That trauma is always going to be there; it's up to you on how much you're willing to unpack.

Address the triggers , place them in a box, and heal because you owe to yourself after all the hell you've been through.

Take the triggers as a learning opportunity to strengthen yourself on the inside and outside.

Just don’t get stuck in the box because your worth , and your journey  may just help inspire someone else who is going through trauma and the triggers of trauma.

The lesson here is to feel when you need to feel, and self reflect, and grow from those triggers.

Whatever you do don’t get stuck in one place for too long, re just, re focus and rebuild.

You have a  life to live where others’ and yourself are counting on you.

Triggers will come and go and your life is worth millions, and holds a story that is valuable.

Your trauma can serve the greatest purpose in life if you give it what it needs to blossom, that growth is you.