When Trauma Hits You

Let's face reality, trauma really never goes away.

You will never get over it , however you will get through it.

Trauma hits you on moments of impact.

It hits you when you least expect it too.

It hits you on anniversaries, holidays, nightmares, flashbacks.

It’s never something that's going to be easy.

When it hits it may hit you hard for someone as such myself I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.

I feel everything intensely. 

Memories are a big part of being hit by our trauma, such as reminders like parole packages, talking and discussing information with a parole officer.

Traumas hit because it’s a part of who you are at the core. It’s ingrained in who you are.

That's not a bad things at all it provides you with strength you didn’t even know you had,

It provides you the opportunity to start over to start and to rebuild yourself, find out the kind of life you want for yourself.

You can allow the trauma to consume you or you get a handle on it.

Truma will only hit you if you allow it to.

You have to stand up for your trauma.

You are the one that fights those daily battles in your head.

No one said it’s going to be easy.

It’s about what you do during this time.

It’s your life to live. You can allow trauma to consume you or you can consume by taking charge and taking the power back so you can live a healthy and meaningful life.

When trauma hits you, what do you do?

You take action.

You get infront it, because when you get behind it, you have layers on that you worked hard to improve on.

Truma will always be there, but you don’t need to live there.

You need to live in the moment. The here and the now.

You need to believe in yourself.

You need to workout those self affirmations everyday so when trauma hits you , you have the upper hand.

You can say to yourself.

I am a fighter.

I am a warrior.

I am a survivor.

I am unstoppable.

When trauma hits you reach out and ask for help.

It’s okay not to be okay.

As long as you're moving forward in a healthy manner and doing the best that you can to live a life that is truly yours, and you're living for you.

This journey starts with you.

When you feel as though that trauma is hitting you, that self care is vital.

Find what makes you shine.

What brings out the best in you?

What can you do when your world is turned upside down?

How do you get past it?

How do you not just stay in the moments when you're hit by your trauma?

Because you tell yourself your worth more than your truma.

You have the power to turn pain into strength, that comes through acknowledgement , and self care and self love.

The best relationship you're going to have in this life is with yourself.

Love yourself truly and fully and know that you are capable of anything when you truly believe in yourself.

Allow yourself to feel that truma hit, just don’t pack up and live it there.

When trauma hits you reflect on your journey, and reach out to those supports around you.

You have been hit by trauma before strength and determination will get you through and get you to where you need to be.

Don’t be afraid to live your life again, you are worthy of a life of happiness, you don’t always have to be hit with emotions. 

Allow the emotions to be released, allow yourself to live the best life you can because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. 

We only have moments, allow those moments to strengthen you to be the best version of yourself that you know and will become.