When Trauma Becomes Your Identity!

When trauma becomes your identity it can either create the person you want to become, or it can take over your life and consume you.

You have two choices: you can either live in the past or live in the present.

You can create an identity of love, laughter, joy, kindness, and be an inspiration for others.

You can create an identity where you allow trauma to control you and be stuck.

Why feel imprisoned for the rest of your life?

Life is such a short and precious gift.

Identity falls under your control.

You can paint your life anyway that you want. 

You can make it bright or you can make it dark.

The choice is yours.

For me personally my identity of trauma has its moments during anniversaries etc .

I choose strength, hope, and determination.

I choose to be the leader of my life.

I choose to make every single moment count.

I choose to process and feel out everything I need to feel good or bad.

I choose self care.

The gym is part of identity.

I wonder what is part of identity!

I wonder what you can do to bring joy, peace and happiness into everyday life!

What brings you comfort, when those dark clouds surround you?

Self reflect, dig deep.

Know your worth, know your potential.

Unlock your purpose.

Your identity also comes through your relationships, friendships, family, and even romantic relationships.

It’s vital to have a network that will support you and lift you up.

Being able to stand up and stand tall carries an incredible amount of strength which comes through pain and hardship, and that's a part of your identity.

Is knowing that you can and will get through anything that life throws your way.

The power is yours.

You design your identity through your accomplishments, finding your passions, and unlocking your dreams, and making them become a reality.