What Trauma Cases Did?

Trauma causes your brain to go into complete panic mode.

Trauma causes insecurities in ourselves.

It devalues us.

It makes us feel as though we are simply not good enough.

We often blame ourselves.

We also suffer from survivor's guilt.  

Survivors' guilt is where we blame ourselves for our trauma.

We think that somehow we could have changed the situation if we just got that person's help.

We feel guilty for living our lives.

The guilt becomes so dark and overpowering. 

It can lead to a mental breakdown if you aren't careful. It can consume your every thought.

It can lead to suicide, or an attempt to take our own lives.

Trauma also leads to PTSD, Anxiety,  and depression, as well as numerous other mental health conditions.

We also go in fighter flight mode.

This is where we are in constant safe mode.

Where we feel as though we are right back in the trauma and fighting for our lives all over again.

It's exhausting, mentally, emotionally.

Fear creeps in as a result of trauma we feel as though we are never safe , as if someone is always out to get us.

Through my own experiences I always let people walk in front of me.


I choose to stand close to the exit so I have a quick way to get out if I feel too overwhelmed or as if I feel as though the walls are closing in around me.

Trauma brings heartbreak and pain into our lives.

It makes feel as though trust is no longer an option.

We question our relationships with others.

We make choices based on fear.

Trauma causes some of us to become more emotional than we were before, or the complete opposite where we avoid how we feel.

The feelings of our trauma will never pass, we have to be willing to feel how we feel when we feel it.

Emotions have a way of catching up with us.

It’s important that we get in front of our trauma and not behind it.

We must remember that the cause of our trauma is not what it did to us , but who it made us become.

Let's focus on what trauma did for us versus what it didn’t.

The trauma we faced has made us stronger, wiser, more determined, more passionate , more aware of surroundings, our lifestyle.

It affects the choices and decisions we make daily. 

Trauma causes us to have a new approach and outlook on our life, and the people we surround ourselves with.

What trauma causes us to do is open eyes, and see that the possibilities can be endless when we apply ourselves to new and better opportunities.