What Is Trauma?

Trauma is a distressing or distributing experience that an individual has gone through.

Trauma affects anyone, it doesn’t matter if you're upper class, middle class.

Trauma doesn’t discriminate.

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or your enthnic background.

Trauma happens when it happens.

Some examples of trauma include you or your loved one being diagnosed with an illness such as cancer, loss of a loved one, loss of a child, loss of all your belonging due to a fire, and ending up homeless, being a witness to a crime, or a survivor of a crime, sextrafficing, drugs or alcohol overdoses.

Trauma is painful.

Trauma is grieving the loss of something you never thought was possible.

Trauma is hopelessness, sadness, and despair.

Trauma is a process.

Trauma is anyone’s worst nightmare.

Trauma leads to mental health outbreaks  such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Trauma is a scar, a tattoo, a memory of a lifetime.

Trauma just doesn’t fade away and it’s gone.

Trauma is minute by minute and hour by hour , and day by day.

Trauma is about what you do in that time that matters,

Trauma is an ongoing process that can eventually lead to healing if you provide yourself that beautiful gift, to enrich your life for the better, and dive into your tool box of counselling, resources, and support network.

You have to want to place your trauma in the rearview mirror, no one other than yourself can do that.

Trauma is a heavy weight is a burden of self doubt and self blame,

It’s where we torture oursleves with those could of what of should of’s .

Trauma is a journey.

Sometimes we run from the trauma and sometimes we own it.

When we come face to face with our trauma that's where we learn and identify with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions .

When hiding from our trauma we are not problem solving, we are only adding more stress to our lives, and creating more darkness instead of light.

This is when we become our own worst enemy.

When we choose to pick up pieces, we are choosing a life of healing and self awareness, when we are able to identify our feelings that's when we can readjust.

Trauma comes with patience and understanding we are always going to have all the answers , we can get in front of the trauma to create the life that we know and deserve to have.

Trauma is these waves that hit us filled with grief, it’s creating the strength within us to overcome these challenges and obstacles.

It’s finding the road and path to heal and to mend our hearts and make them whole again.

The trauma lies within us, it’s about learning from our trauma and coming out wiser and stronger for it.

It’s about being that teaching tool and that teaching lesson for someone else who may be struggling with the demons of trauma.

When we come face to face with our trauma we are not just healing, we share a light to those who may be in darkness.

Trauma doesn’t have to define you, you can define it.