What Is Stonewalling In Relationships?

Stonewalling is a form of power and control.

Stonewalling can seem harsh and vindictive.

It’s a game of pure manipulation.

It is a form of defeat.

It’s dismissing concerns that you may have about the relationship. Or even just things in general.

It’s refusing to discuss issues that may come up, such as I told you to take out the garbage, or I told you to meet me at this time even though there was no time set.

It’s the abuser not taking accountability for his or her actions.

It’s dismissing any and all ideas.

They will even name call your ideas such stupid, dumb, unreasonable, unknowlegeable, lame, unnecessary, stressful, ridiculous,and Immature.

They make you feel like everything is nonsense, nothing is enough or good enough for that matter.

For the abuser it’s a sense of entitlement they know better and you don’t know anything.

They avoid communication which is very unhealthy, and clearly unstable for a relationship.

They don’t take any responsibility for your feelings, solving any issues or problems because they simply don’t see things for what they truly are, they play the victim card.

They tend to do tasks as you're talking to them.

It’s a sign of disengagement and a lack of respect for their partner, or possible friend or family member.

Stonewalling isn’t just in a romantic relationship, it can be any relationship really and truly.

It’s a sign of detachment from the relationship.

It’s a lack of trying and caring.

They avoid eye contact, they tend to stare at their phones, or be active on their phones while you're trying to have an honest , and real heart genuine conversation with them.

They are loveless , and have no ownership

They don’t want to comprehend or understand your feelings, or even get to the root of any problem, especially where the relationship is concerned.

They tend to play off as though you're insignificant to them. 

They have no value to you or the relationship.

They tend to ignore you, especially when you're speaking.

They don’t have an attention span to listen to especially when you say something significant, it’s as if they don’t care to tune in.

This kind of relationship leads to disaster, because one person is all in, and the other person doesn’t have to worry about the relationship.

The relationship is of no importance to them. 

It doesn’t play on the heart strings.

They have an attitude of entitlement, and are very selfish, don’t comprehend emotions, feelings.

From my personal experience a relationship of value takes two people, not just one fighting for it all the time, I have been there and done it .

My gosh it’s draining, emotional, and mentally.

It is meant to teach you what you don’t want or deserve for that matter.

You're better than that.

Respect and a partnership is a relationship.