What Is Gaslighting In Romantic Relationships?

Gaslighting is a form of power, control, dominance.

It is a way of manipulating you.

It can damage you mentally, and emotionally.

Be headed for disaster sooner than later.

The abuser tends to be destructive.

The abuser will twist your sense of reality.

They know how to get inside your head, they know to pray upon you.

They can be very charming at first.

They love bomb very early on into the relationsip, such as too many compliments , and I love you’s very early on in the relationship.

They sweet talk their way into your head.

The lie just to draw in.

The abuser will say that certain things never happened such as , “ I never said that” which tends to be their favorite word.

They will deny saying specific things, like ``I never called you that name, I never pushed you, and Inever said that was the plan”.

They try to flip the script on and make you think that you have misunderstood them.

The abuser knows exactly what they are doing.

They lie to themselves most of all.

They are attention seeking individuals, who make everything about themselves.

They hold no accountability or remorse for their actions.

They will replace you in a heartbeat.

They have no empathy , compassion whatsoever, nor will they ever.

Your abuser will point all the blame on you they will tell you things such as,

You need help, you're so emotional, you're lying. Why are you with me, if you think I am so awful, stop feeling pity for yourself.

They tend to also make and create false accusations.

They avoid your feelings, and never take them into account or consideration.

They tell you don’t get upset over anything,they question why you're so defensive all the time.

It’s all negative talk to you, nothing that comes out of their mouth is rarely at all positive, if it is, it won’t last. It’s their way of trying to get the best of you.

They create a false narrative, no big deal, everything is your fault, your crazy, too sensitive, all your into drama, you're always picking a fight.

They downgrade and make you feel worthless, and hopeless.

The abuser is self centered and egocentric.

They don’t change, gaslighters will only get more destructive, and can possibly escalate to violence. 

Be aware of these individuals stay clear,

Know what you deserve and don’t.

Don’t settle for less, because your self esteem , and confidence will drown and that will take a lot of rebuilding when that happens.

You're worth more not less.