What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is any abuse between a spouse or a partner.

Domestic violence is any type of abuse.

It’s not just physical scars.

It’s emotional, mental, and verbal as well.

It can also be sexual abuse, or sex that is not wanted, which can be considered rape.

In some cases of domestic violence it may be all the above.

Domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic.

Everyday a death occurs as a result of domestic violence.

Millions of deaths occur world wide as a result of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is fear, panic, it’s the feeling of hopelessness, and disappear.

You become depressed, and very withdrawn.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. 

It happens to both men and women.

It doesn’t stop, it only escalates.

It may start off as naming calling and then turn to physical violence.

Domestic violence is harmful, and could take your life in seconds.

When you're in an abusive relationship it just doesn’t go away one day.

It’s a cycle, one day maybe okay when it is the honey phase.

Then the next day you may be shoved into a wall.

No matter what they tell you, the abuser doesn’t change.

Domestic violence is a day to day battle. 

It’s a world wind of emotions that can consume. 

You walk on eggshells.

Some people even end up taking their own life because they can’t handle the abuse , and can’t see a way out.

Domestic violence changes you. 

It makes you question not only your toxic, and abusive relationship.

You also question yourself as a result.

Everyday that you stay you lose a piece of yourself bit by bit.

You lose your confidence, your self worth, and self esteem.

Domestic violence rocks you to your core.

You self blame, thinking if I just be a little nicer, or if I didn’t say those words. Then he/she would love me.

That's what we call victim blaming, I prefer to call it survivor blaming.

I don’t think that when you go through domestic violence your victim.

You're a hero in your own story.

You're one hell of a survivor.

Domestic violence affects the wiring of your brain, such as telling yourself you're not good enough. 

Domestic violence leads to PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

It can leave not just physical scars, the emotional ones have an everlasting effect on the survivor.

Domestic violence is not something that you go out looking for, you want to see the best in your partner, you never think it will happen to you.

You just never know what can happen, always remember it starts off with name calling and it will escalate. 

Abusers don’t care. 

They only care about power and control over you and that's what matters to them.

If domestic violence happens once it will happen again. It’s what abusers does and it’s who they are to their core.

Never disregard any type of abuse, follow your intuition.

When you feel unsafe you follow those feelings.

Domestic violence is a call for change, change your mindset and understand that you don;t deserve any of this.

Under no circumstances is it okay to  abuse  someone, or put their hands on them for that matter. 

Domestic violence won't end. You have to end it by walking away only when it’s safe to do so.

Know that there are resources out there.

Here are just a few





Domestic violence is something that you won’t get over, you can and will get through it. Keep moving forward. 

It’s moment by moment.  

You have the power within you to change your life and make it what you want to be. 

You are a survivor , never underestimate that.

You will come out on the other side stronger, and more brave, you have to be willing to turn life around and ask for the right help.

Believing you are enough is key. Believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Believing that you are the hero of your story.