True Love Not Trauma Bonding

True love is based upon a strong connection you have with someone special in your life.

You make them feel as though they are a priority and not an option.

There are no emotional threats or intimidation in the relationship.

It is a natural chemistry which grows over time.

You should never go to bed or cry, because you feel unworthy in the relationship.

You should never wonder if you're enough or too much for that person.

You shouldn’t worry so much about pleasing them day in and day out.

You both should feel equal and treat one another as an equal in the relationship, no matter if it’s money, jobs, etc.

The respect should be based on a solid and steady foundation, built upon strength, and admiration. 

True love starts first foremost with curiosity, wanting , and being interested in knowing everything about that person, where they grew up, favorite, favorite song, favorite movie, childhood best friends, what makes them laugh, what makes them smile, what they do for fun, their passion and purpose, and direction in life.

Secondly the connection isn’t just based on a sexual relationship. 

Meaning the relationship is emotional, mentally, and verbally stainstable.

The two people love and care about each other for who they are and don’t try to change one another.

They don’t lie, steal or cheat, they work on affection, finding common ground.

The relationship is solely based on both trust and honesty.

There are no secrets or hidden agendas for that matter.

Communication is vital in the relationship, they are able to share and address thoughts, feelings, concerns, and questions to gain clarity and insight when needed.

Those heart to heart conversations aren’t just up for debate they are a top priority on both ends of the relationship.

They tend to have empathy, compassion, and remorse for the other.

They understand that time isn’t just an option, but a high priority, they don’t feel like a second choice, or as if they are no one special.

They deserve love , affection, and time well spent, not everyday or every minute of time, but enough to make and create those  beautiful and unforgettable moments, which essentially bring you close together, where minutes apart feel like hours apart, and hours feel like days a part, and days part feel like months apart, and months apart feel like years apart.

That's why it’s important for open dialogue to express needs, and wants.

They add value and meaningful interactions to the relationship.

They want more time only to get to know the other person for the bonds to grow stronger, so the I love you’s can roll off their tongue, without so much as a second guess.

The relationship looks and feels like a true partnership, like one that is a  pleasure of everlasting happiness, laughter, the feelings of being able to bring out the beauty in one another, where it truly counts.

The relationship is a privilege, that if you lose that person they shouldn’t be easily replaced, because they are a part of your heart, when and if you invite them there, that's true solidarity at it’s finest, because being solid it’s just a you thing more it becomes an us.