To The Overthinkers

Overthinking and overanalyzing can be our biggest enemies, if we choose to let this fear become us.

Overthinking is a fear of what could go wrong.

We even self sabotage great things in our life because we are so afraid.

We are afraid that the past will rewrite itself, even though the past is gone, and no longer with us.

We also worry about what hasn’t come.

It’s so easy to get wrapped into heads, make assumptions.

That makes them the most difficult realizations.

We don’t look for the happiness that could pour onto us, we look for the other shoes to drop at a moment of time.

We tend to spin things around in our heads thinking we are not enough, or worthy.

We need to realize and take into account what we can control and not what we can't, meaning the past is over and the future has not yet happened.

All we have are moments that are current.

We need to make the best out of the moments and not pick them apart. What good will that do us?

This overthinking leads us to have our shields up and our  walls we build up, because easier to be negative then positive right?

Only it’s not, it’s us being at our worst because our attention and thought process is at an all time low.

We are consumed by negativity instead of positivity.

How do you not get wrapped up in your own thoughts?

It’s about shifting gears.

Focus on the current and what's going on right now in your life!

Maybe you just went back to the gym for the first time in months, overthinking that with uplifting words, such as I can’t get out of my head how amazing that felt, or I am proud of myself, or that was a really big step. 

Let's take darkness and put it under a bright light.

We do have the power and the ability  to choose how we think.

Why let things that haven’t happened yet get the best of us?

Why self sabotage?

Why not be happy after all the horrific and unimaginable trauma we have been through?

Why create more stress and more heartache for ourselves?

Where does this overthinking get us?

Does overthinking change the outcome?

What happens when we put out positive thoughts?

Can positive occur?

Sure they can when you live breathing for the moments.

Don’t focus on what isn't, focus on what it is.

Life is short and it's precious when we over think we bring tension and chaos into lives that don't need to be there, especially when we have people counting on us to be the best, like children, family members, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Turn the direction of your thinking, it starts today, and it starts with you, first and foremost.

How happy can I be?

How overjoyed can I be?

How can I be so grateful?

How can I be so in love?

Ask yourself , what do I want out of moments.

We want moments of hope, clarity, love, positive interactions, moments of laughter, moments of  moving forward, moments of excitement, moments of surprises.

We have the ability to create and sculpt the moments we want.

Take a moment and be proud of yourself for every obstacle you have overcome, and  every battle that you thought would get the best of you but didn’t, instead it was a learning opportunity. Those are moments of restructuring, and rebuilding, and reshaping.

Let's turn negativity into positivity, stop thinking that you aren’t desirable enough to be in a loving devoting relationship, replace those thoughts for why you deserve love and affection.

Stop trying to let go of what could be the very best thing for yourself. Focus on what's great about it.

Be grateful, be humble, be thankful, be appreciated for what is right in front of you, count your lucky stars, not your self structured thoughts.

Strive to be better than the person in which you were yesterday.

Let's strive to better individuals for others so we can help them to achieve their potential.

You can choose a life for yourself that is full of empowerment, purpose and meaning. 

How can we be at our best? Let's think about that so we can be the nurturing caring and compassionate individuals that we will be.

To the overthinkers you are amazing, incredible, and I am so proud of you and how far you have overcome on your journey.

Keep on striving, keep going, be here and the now, Make the best out of every moment by living and appreciating the here and the now. Make the moments sparkle and shine within you, make count for everything that they are.

Do incredible for yourself because it’s what you deserve , we are not in the past or in the future, we live for what is now and in front of us, this current moment.

Tomorrow isn’t promised, it's a gift.

Keep believing and know with your heart, soul and mind that you're worth it.

Turn the clouds of doom which are those moments of overthinking into sunshine.

Choose the story you want for life, write how you want too, your biggest ambition comes when you believe you see the positive light and that you redefine your life.