Things I know About Healing

Healing is messy.

Healing is an ongoing process.

There is no end to healing.

It’s a journey of self discovery to become the best version of yourself that you need and want to become.

It’s overwhelming at times.

Healing is determination and finding the ability and strength to believe in yourself fully and truly.

Healing is not an overnight process.

It’s almost like a work of art. It’s learning to add colour to your life after so much darkness.

Healing comes from processing your emotions and finding ways to cope in a healthy manner.

Healing comes when you can recognize your emotions and identify them.

Healing is when you can find healthy solutions to overcome your emotions. Maybe you take breaths, or you focus on the objects or colours in the room.

It’s finding what works and what doesn’t.

Counselling is part of healing, it's being able to sit in front of someone you feel comfortable with.

It’s having  honest dialogue, open communication, trust, and the ability to open up and talk about all of the layering effects of trauma that you have been through.

It’s having the ability to address all the issues at hand, what your thinking and what it is your feelings are.

Healing is a day to day process, anything more can be too much, too overwhelming for survivors of trauma.

Healing is when you can practice self affirmations, and tell yourself you are a warrior, survivor, inspiration, and a beacon of hope.

Healing is when you find  passion and motivation in something rather it’s boxing, fitness, sports, self care, like getting your hair and nails done. 

It’s finding that bright light that provides you with the spark to be at your best.

When you are rebuilding and restructuring that's when evaluation of relationships comes into play.

Where you understand and label what is healthy and what isn’t healthy.

Healing is where you can identify positive and meaningful relationships, and anything or anyone that is toxic let it go because it is not worth it.

That is a part of healing when you can learn to identify what people, what relationships are truly healthy and supportive and what is not.

Healing is a change for you for a better future and a better tomorrow.