The Struggles With Mental Health During The Holidays..

The presents, mistletoe, the gingerbread house, the decorations, the christmas tree,  the festivals, the family get togethers, how could this not all seem so very overwhelming?

The holidays are demanding , overwhelming, and place a lot of pressure and stress on those especially ones living with mental health, who already find it hard to cope day in and day out.

The suicide rate during holidays doubles as  the sadness, hopelessness, and despair all set in.

The tears seem to never stop.

The sadness seems to creep in no matter how busy we tend to keep ourselves.

The walls feel as though they are closing in.

No matter what we do or say, it never feels good enough.

The fear feels like dark clouds weighing on us.

It feels as though the light seems to fade and darkness seems to rise.

We feel lost, alone and most of all we feel as though we don’t even know we are at all.

It doesn’t matter how rich we are, the age or gender or sex, the popularity none of it matters because if we don’t love ourselves and we feel as broken and damaged as we do it’s completely gloom and dark.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate no matter what.

It's one breath at a time, it’s moment by moment, or even second by second.

The journey of mental health is one that is filled with obstacles. 

The holidays seem to really add an extra layer of stress and loneliness and emptiness. 

How do we get through this time of such intense emotions?

How do we cope in a healthy manner?

How do we escape this time where we feel nothing but self doubt?

How do we live our best lives?

How do we think that suicide becomes are only thought?

How we replace those ideas of suicide with happy and positive thoughts and beliefs that we do have purpose and we do belong on this earth?

How do we find solitude in ourselves and become forever grateful as to who we are and why we are ?

Maybe our purpose is to journal our thoughts and feelings, maybe our purpose is to sing, dance,  be a life coach, teach others how to cope with difficult and day to day feelings we endure day in and day out.

Maybe our purpose is to travel the world and become a guest speaker, maybe it's to have  a family and raise one we are proud of, maybe it's looking into your partners and knowing they got your back, or getting that dream job.

Maybe it's setting something free that is holding back, maybe it’s someone that wants you so badly and finally showing me the true meaning of love and what it means to be loved without hesitation or games played.

Maybe those friends that have become our family , maybe that's what it gets through those setbacks.

 Suicide isn’t the answer to being free of mental health.

Suicide isn’t the answer to escaping the holidays.

Suicide impacts every single person in our lives, and those we touched with our presence.

Suicide only creates pain for those lives we touched, and those who love us, and would of done anything for us.

Here our tips and suggestions to help those struggling with suicidal thoughts

  • Don’t minimize or devalue how the person is feeling
  • Listen and don’t be judgmental
  • Be an advocate and support them in getting professional help
  • Ask how you can help the individual who is struggling or have suicidal thoughts
  • Encourage self care and self awareness, and discuss feelings, and emotions no matter how difficult that may seem, talk it out.
  • Spend quality time with them and be a consistent figure is his or her life
  • Reinforce telling them over and over again that they are not a burden that they are loved and deserve happiness
  • Provide community resources, groups, councilors , etc.
  • Create a crisis plan that is dedicated for them and to them

If he or she is in immediate danger, call 911 right away.

In case no one has told this today

  • You are enough
  • You are worthy
  • You are significant to this world
  • You are strong
  • You are brave
  • You are resilient
  • Your goals are of high significance
  • Your feelings and emotions are valid
  • It’s okay to rest and take care of you first and foremost, you are not selfish for that
  • Your opinion matters
  • Everyone that is of significance for you is cheering you on “ you got this”
  • Your dreams are a step away
  • You voice deserves to be heard
  • You matter
  • You are courageous
  • You are a warrior
  • People around are proud of you even if they don’t say it
  • You are the force of change
  • You are hope for a better future
  • You are you beautiful, wonderful, and most importantly you are you

Mental Health resources:

911 if in immediate danger


Talk Suicide Canada

Hours: Available 24/7/365 for calls; 4 PM—12 AM ET for texts; Languages: English, French Learn more