The Struggle With Depression..

Depression is very real for so many of us.

Depression doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter if you're rich, poor etc.

Depression rocks you to your core.

It’s a huge wave of darkness.

It’s nerve racking.

There is no easy way out of it.

There is no magic fix or magic button to just snap out of it, because that's not how depression works.

It takes control of you, it makes you feel as though you are at your lowest of lows.

It's a blow to your self- esteem, it makes and creates these thoughts as though we are not good enough.

Our bodies feel so weak, we feel drained, exhausted.

Even if we sleep for the recommended time 7 to 8 hours, we still feel exhausted.

Sadness, hopelessness, is very unmotivating. 

We feel as though we are sinking, drowning in our own pain, and sorrow.

Sometimes we just struggle to get out of bed for absolutely no reason.

We just feel powerless, this cloud doom weighing us.

It can be quite heavy.

I know for me personally it’s darkness that makes me depressed, winter blues they call it.

The holidays are definitely something I struggle with.

I know that this time of year is difficult for many of us, maybe it’s the financial pressure of buying gifts that puts us in a funk or maybe we lost someone during holidays or close enough.

Nobody knows what someone else may be battling.

It’s okay to feel sad, feel what it is you need to feel.

Is staying in a dark room all day really the answer?

Will it really make you feel better, or worse?

I think staying in a dark room and sleeping all day isn’t the greatest idea, especially if you have been given a second chance in life, such as myself.

I know that I have people counting on me, with my blogs, my videos, my boyfriend, my family, my friends who have become family.

It’s taking step by step to get out of bed.

It’s focusing on the task at hand for me, it’s this, first I need to make my bed, then brush my teeth shower, then it’s either a podcast or go to the gym.

I try to focus on the current moment, minute by minute, or  hour by hour , one day at a time.

Go at your own pace,

There is no rush, just don’t stay in bed the whole day or feel weak the whole day.

Find something that adds that little joy, go and get your favorite cup of coffee, go to a spa, go help your friend move, or help them get through a possible break up. 

Be the light for someone else who is going through darkness, that's how you go from the cloud doom, to a rainbow that shines.

Depression is about finding that purpose, that meaning, that thing that makes you shine.

That's how you get through your depression, or maybe you even have kids that are relying on you.

It’s about finding what you need to get through the day. I need my workouts,and my support network. What do you need?

Here are some resources, never be afraid to ask for help, outside advice is always the best advice.