The Stigma Verses The Truth Behind Mental Health

People often want to see what they want to see.

People can often be judgmental and criticise people who are in their most vulnerable moments.

When others look at people that are survivors of mental health they often think negatively of those with mental health,

People often resort to comments such as” your lazy, you don’t care about our friendship, entitled, unable to focus, distant, unorganised, unworthy, unreliable, selfish, greedy, messy, slob, dirty, inconsiderate”. 

People often place labels on those who fight daily battles because of a significant trauma or life experience that an individual had to endure.

Life is exhausting with kids, work, and family, friends, however to add mental health on top of that can be very overwhelming.

It is emotionally, mentally, physically, and even verbally draining.

Mental health isn’t someone’s fault.

Mental health is self isolation because everything is just too much to bare, or even comprend.

Mental health is fighting battles day in and day out.

You have no energy and nothing extra to give.

You're stuck in this dark cloud of doom, mainly because of  life’s challenges.

Mental health can occur due to a loss of a job, divorce, survivor or witness to a crime, losing a loved one suddenly, or a worldwide pandemic, domestic violence, workplace violence, bullying, even weather can play a factor in mental health.

When the weather is dark and gloomy we feel it in our bodies at times, our energy levels decrease as a result and we feel exhausted, burnt out even. We just want to lay down and sleep and if that's what we need to do for the moment to rebuild ourselves that's what we do.

We don’t stay that way for weeks on end and if we feel like we are then we take action, self care, counciling , and reach out for support.

Worry, stress, panic, and fear are also a part of mental health, when are bodies feel these negative tensions it’s a battle within ourselves.

People need to understand that those living with mental health isn’t something we just snap out of .

We try strategies, counting things in a room, focusing on one task at a time so brain’s don’t get overwhelmed or cloudy with a dark fog.

It’s day by day ,hour by hour, or even minute by minute.

Those with mental health aren't less people or don’t want to do the best that they can, they have suffered and endured,pain hurt possibly by the ones they were closest to.

Mental health isn’t a choice, it’s not a joke. 

We don’t want to have mental health, however we do, and guess what, it’s okay not to be okay.

Anyone that judges someone else as a result of mental health should never be in your life to begin with.

People that struggle, or endure mental health need people in they’re lives in which they can count on, and will be supportive, and encouraging, and understand when that individual has a bad day, not make them feel guilty for not wanting to hangout.

 It’s not about us, it’s about what someone close to us is going through, or even that stranger across the street begging for money has just lost his entire family in a fire.

Be patient with those in your community and those closest to you.

We need clarity and insight into those we surround ourselves with. We need to have the ability and capability to be understanding, and empathic.

Lets stop making accusations or pointing fingers.

We have good days and we have bad days. We are all entitled to that, it doesn’t make us less individual, it makes us human beings, it makes us wiser. 

Mental health provides us with a deeper meaning into who we are, and who we will become ,and we can let it drag us down or rise above it.

I am proud to say I have mental health, I fight battles when I need to, I just chose to overcome the pain, through finding passion in life, by writing a book, journaling, launching a course, going to gym.

Setting up a schedule, having consistency, routine and structure are vital when overcoming mental health.

I don’t look at it as a downfall, I look at it as someone who has more awareness around mental health.

I have lived, and I experienced, it doesn't mean it has to define me, I can choose to define it.

Remember mental health isn’t a burden, it is a sign of strength, and bravery, it’s not a flaw it’s part of who are. It’s your story that could inspire somebody else. Look at it as a blessing not a curse.

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