The Choices You Make Affect Your Trauma

Battered men, and women’s syndrome is defined as a psychological condition that can form during any time of an abusive situation.

It is not not just physical abuse either.

It can be mental, emotional, verbal.

It just doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship.

It can be any kind of toxic relationship between two people.

The abuser is usually controlling, manipulative, dominant, egocentric, powerful, and vindictive.

They make the survivor feel weak, and vulnerable.

The abuser can be very charming and persistent. 

The abuser may use threats to gain power and control over the survivor.

They may use children as a pond to get what they want, or use a house you share together, they may tell you that you will lose everything and may even use threats of intimidation, or threaten a physical altercation  .

The abuser creates hopelessness , and despair for the survivor.

They also create fear, and loneliness for the survivor.

The outcome for the survivor is they lose self confidence, self worth, and self esteem.

The survivor may even have a lack of support and feels as though no one believes in them.

The survivor is sacrificing and giving up happiness when they are in these situations of control.

It may lead the survivor to feeling mentally, and emotionally drained,

It can lead to weight loss, or weight increase.

May even lead to physical health complications.

Mental health may also occur and lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression.

There are action steps to take such as never being provoked.

Document absolutely everything as no information should ever be left unturned.

You can also find an advocate in your community to work alongside you as you get through day to day.

Also look into a personal counselor so you can get control of your mental health and start your healing journey.

This is where it’s also vital to have healthy supportive relationships with the people you surround yourself with.

You need a positive support network. 

As a survivor it’s very important to have a judgement free zone where people can just listen as you discuss your thoughts, and feelings.

The biggest issue for both men and women in this situation is finding someone who fully believes in them, and connects with them.

Know you're worthy of someone believing in you.

You deserve the best possible life. 

Here are some local supports to contact.

The helpline for both US and Canada for domestic violence hotline number is 1-888-743-5754.

Abuse doesn’t just have to be physical, abuse can start with something as simple as name calling, or even control.

Be your voice of change, and of reason today.

Reach out, and speak out.