Find Healing Not Hurt

Through so much heartache, pain, and hopelessness, I have decided to share my story with the world.

I share my story to raise awareness about the ongoing epidemic of crime.

This is a worldwide and nationwide problem.

I wish I could say my situation is isolated; however, it is not.

 I will never forget sitting across from the detectives, and the first thing they said wasn't a question; it was a promise.

They said, "Please promise us you won't turn to the streets or end up on drugs or alcohol."

I was speechless.

I cleared my throat, and I said I promise.

 That just tells me that statics are so high for survivors of crime to turn to a negative life style.

 It really opened my eyes and began to put a lot more things in perspective for me.

It's heartbreaking to know that some people feel like there is no way out of their pain, so they turn to the streets.

 I will tell you that my world was dark; however, I had an amazing support system, one that stood by me and never gave up on me for a single second.

I am so fortunate.

However, a lot of people don't have support teams or anyone that they call family. You see, we never truly know what someone else is going through.

 Some of those people who see on the streets are so young and who really know their story behind their pain.

Who's to say they weren't a witness in a homicide investigation.

 This situation has been truly eye-opening for me.

I get told all the time, "oh, your so positive you would never think you would go through that." You never know what happens behind closed doors. Just because things may look a certain way on social media really means nothing.

 We can all put on a smile.

What's really behind the smile?

What are we really thinking about?

Are we really happy?

Or do we put on a good front to hide from our pain, or are we afraid of how we truly feel?

Are we trying to protect others because we don't want to hurt them with our pain too?

I know I have self-reflected and asked myself these same questions many times.

We can't be afraid to feel that's what leads to some dark roads, dark paths.

Taking care of ourselves is so vital in the road to recovery.

If we aren't fully healed, we will find ourselves hitting rock bottom.
Counseling is vital; it's become my new normal.

When I am overwhelmed or stressed, I reach out for support.

If money is an issue, there are always grants you can apply for counseling.

Make sure you take the time to heal and find whatever that may be.

 It's vital that you have a strong and healthy and loving relationship with yourself, or how can you have a relationship with anyone else rather it's friendship or romantic.

The pain doesn't have to define your life.

You can define your own life with strength.