Self Discovery After Trauma

Self discovery that comes through healing

Self discovery takes patients. 

One of the truly most important relationships you will ever have is with yourself.

 It’s important that you dig deep into your soul and mind, find passions, what motivates you, and what brings a smile to your face.

Spend time with yourself. 

Go shopping with yourself, do that workout by yourself, go for coffee with yourself. Take time to study yourself , and understand yourself.

Always be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. 

Know that it’s okay if you don’t get everything done all in one day.


Life is all about taking care of yourself. 

Don’t ever forget that. It’s okay if you made plans and you feel like staying in and catching up on that show that you want to watch.

 You are responsible for yourself.

 You have this one life to live and your incharge of that. Not anyone else. You are the soul keeper of yourself.

It’s up to you to build your empire and that's called life.


You don’t owe anyone explanations. 

You owe to yourself to be the best version of you. 

You owe it yourself to be a functioning remember of society. 

You owe it to yourself to be kind to you. 

To show respect to yourself. Set boundaries, set expectations. Always follow your heart, dream big.

Be open minded to new possibilities. 

Except the things you can’t change. 

Never stop being yourself. 

You will have people that don’t like you or don’t support you and that's okay. 

The only person you really need love and approval from is you. 

There is no such thing as pleasing everyone.  Life is challenging enough day to day that we don’t need to worry about why someone doesn't approve of us.

We are our own person. We must continue to believe in ourselves, and rise against the bullshit.  We need to be real with ourselves.

 Find what makes you sparkle and brings tremendous joy in yourself and in your heart, spirit and mind.


Cut out anything, and everything that is toxic, that brings us down or makes us question who we are or want to be.

We need to start building ourselves up starting with self affirmations

I would like to end off on this note. Please look at the person in the mirror, which is you, believe in yourself truly and fully and know that anything is possible. You have the ability within yourself to change what is broken and replace it with what is beautiful. 

  • I believe I am beautiful
  • I believe I am strong
  • I believe that I have power to take back control of my life
  • I believe I am worthy
  • I believe In myself
  • I believe I can grow even through the most challenging times
  • I believe I am unique
  • I believe I can make an impact in other’s lives
  • I believe that I can inspire
  • I believe I was foolish and now I am wise
  • I believe that I have value
  • I believe in joy
  • I believe I can smile again
  • I believe in hope
  • I believe in kindness
  • I believe in being role model
  • I believe in generosity
  • I believe in being humble
  • I believe their can be an end to this pain that I feel because I know someone is going through worse
  • I believe in personal knowledge
  • I believe in my morals
  • I believe in a healthy self esteem

Rising up and believing in ourselves is providing ourselves with a healthy sense of self esteem, and confidence makes us unstoppable human beings.