Processing Heart Break After Trauma

Heart Break comes in many different forms. 

It can stem through trauma, a break up, loss of a loved one,and family disappointments. 


Heart break is never something we are remotely prepared for. 

All reasons for heart break our losses of what we wanted and desired, however it was taken far too soon.

 It’s a shot of waves through our soul, mind, body, and spirit. 

It’s this devastating pain. It’s the loss of what could have been.

 It’s the fear of the unknown.


Heart break comes through pain and loss, it’s a shot to the heart.

 It’s especially hard for people who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

 It doesn’t get easier.

It feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.


Your stomach is just tied up in knots. 

You feel like your legs are so weak and that they're going to give out. 

Your motivation and determination is pushed to the side, You feel like you have no control. 

You have a sudden panic of doom. 

You feel like the walls around are closing in.


You hurt emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

You feel so drained and all you want to do is sleep. 

Then another part of you just wants shot after shot of your favorite alcohol, you just want to numb the pain. 

You want tears to stop rolling down your face, You want all the pain to be silenced.

You feel the scars, the tension, the emotional outbreaks, everything weighs on you. 

You feel like you can't go on.

 You can and will get through it. 

You just know that relationship was so good, you lost it in a blink of an eye.


 The fear took over, and now somebody else is losing sleep, not eating because they can’t cope. 

First it was the heartbreak of a parent telling you you're too selfish and then it was losing a friend to cancer . 

Then it was being with narcissist after narcissist and having nothing but broken promises. 

Then true love came knocking at your door. 

 Then that too had an expiration date far too soon. 

They said they pictured a future with you.

 They were falling for you and you didn’t think it possible to fall head over heels but you did. 

They said they wouldn’t leave when you said you were scared.


They left anyway. 

They too thought they weren't worthy of love.

 They pulled away.

Said they were doing some type favor

You know in the heart of hearts they loved you the best way they could. 

They were scared too, they simply didn’t want to relive the past. 

They said they don’t know who they are. 

Nobody for sure knows who they are, We are day to day work of progress. 

Why cut off happiness? Why cut out what could have been the best thing ever? Something you wanted for so long? Something that brought pure joy into your life. 

We undervalue ourselves and what we truly want and what we are in fact capable of. 

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring or not bring. 

Why can’t we just live for the here and now?

 I wish I had more answers, I wish you would talk to me and tell me what goes through your head. 

I don’t have all the answers do you?

 This world is just day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. 


 If you know what you want then take the leap, it may be everything you have ever wanted it to be.

 Sometimes things aren’t always planned, go with your heart and see where it may lead you. 

Don’t be afraid to love because of your past experience.

 Choose to live for the now. 

You know nothing is guaranteed.

 Why sell yourself short if you don’t have too. 

 Give yourself the chance to fall because it may be worth the fall. 

Fight for it if it’s really and truly what you want. 

Remember that time doesn’t heal all wounds, it's what you do in that time.

 It’s time to create everlasting memories. 

I know the past can be a difficult anchor to pull from.

Believing is trying and trying is believing. 

Don’t give up on something that may be worth it.

Take the risk, take the chance, be fair with yourself. 

This could be it. 

It could be the love and happiness you always wanted to be. 

Be the hero, write your story.  

Give it a fair chance. 

Not everything is made easy. 

Be patient with yourself and know that you deserve love especially after so much trauma and hardship.

 I believe that if you want something bad enough you go for it, and you fight it, Give it a fair chance. 

Don’t fall in love and say goodbye because you think it's an easier option, because you think it doesn't matter.

 It does matter, your feelings are your feelings. 

You can work on things together and that's called a partnership. 

Things don’t always have to be so difficult or so intense.

Stop putting on the shield, stop running away. 

Let go on the past, look forward to the here and the now, cause that's all we got. 

Don’t be afraid , give yourself the chance to be vulnerable. 

It just may have an amazing ending.

 Don’t be so closed off or think because the past was a bitch that you're allowed to feel and no one truly has their life totally together, everyone struggles, everyone falls apart. 

We are human. 

We are all learning and growing day to day. 

Don’t run from what you want , confront what you want.  

It may turn out to be a distant memory. 

If you feel strong enough for something.

 Let the insecurities go and the fear be released. 

You have this one life to live, how do you want to live it?