New Years Resolutions For A Healthy Romantic Relationship..

 Ever love someone so much that you can’t even imagine your life without them.

However you know in your heart of hearts that you must let go of your negative mindset.

You know deep down inside that you have made errors, that you even said and done things in which you didn’t mean at all.

You have a hard time expressing yourself the right way.

Does that mean you shouldn’t be in a relationship?

No it means your acknowledging and taking ownership and responsibility for your actions.

It’s easier to push away than let people in sometimes.

I know it’s a struggle for me, often I worry about the past repeating itself.

My relationship goals are simple, no more repeating my mistakes, because I do know what I have and everyday I will tell myself that from here on out.

Don’t lose the best thing that has ever happened to you, hold on tight with everything you have.

I believe a healthy relationship starts with the foundation of trust, loyalty, honesty, and more importantly ongoing communication.

You have to willing to talk and sometimes have conversations that maybe uncomfortable, don’t keep things bottled in, all that does is lead to overthinking, and over analazying and creating stupid assumptions.

Nobody wants that.

That is what draws you two apart.

Sometimes you have to be willing to discuss not only the easy things, also the challenging things too.

It can’t just always be rainbows in sunshine, sometimes there will be storms you have to cross first.

When you go through a storm it may just bring you closer together. 

We have to be willing to show up for the good, bad, and uguly.

It’s about getting through it together.

It’s about saying I was wrong, how do we fix this?

It’s learning to adjust, and refocus and restructure in order for the relationship to go into a positive direction.

It’s about having ideas for success.

It’s like going on a diet if you're trying to lose weight and gain muscle, you're going to want to eat healthy, not unhealthy. It's the same for relationships if you want to grow and flourish you have to be willing to create healthier choices so the relationship can be at it’s best.

For me personally I believe in trying to build eachother up as much as you possibly can.

I started a board on my fridge that has compliments as a couple, compliments we like about eachother, individual compliments as to what we like about ourselves.

I believe it’s important to acknowledge each other , especially things that drive you to be together, those are the things that need to be highlighted in a healthy, loving relationship.

My goal is to love hell out of him as if it’s the last day to be alive, because tomorrow isn’t promised.

Why spend time fighting, or overthinking and creating scenarios in our minds.

Let's just let love be. 

Be in a moment, smile, laugh, and enjoy each other non stop.

Hold hands, sing, go bowling, go rock climbing.

Do the things you love together, and be the definition of love.

No more pain, no more hurt, no more in your head.

Allow yourself the gift of love, the gift of each other, the rest with flow.