Love After Trauma!!

Love after trauma is extremely difficult , and painful.

When we experience trauma it takes a part of our soul, spirit, and mind.

We began to lose the idea of love, or finding love for that matter.

We began to see love as an epic fail.

As something we can’t hold on too.

Something so fragile

It’s something we want to black out.

Trust is a struggle.

It’s confusing at times as our minds go to the worst case scenario. 

You decide if you want to be in a relationship or not.

You think the worst , instead of enjoying the relationship.

You think that maybe they too will be abusive or cheat, lie, manipulate, or control you.

Can you really cut yourself off of love?

Is it what you deserve?

It it really Fuck Love?

As a result of hurt and heartbreak.

How do you feel love?

Are you worthy of love?

I had acne scars which took a blow to my self esteem, self worth, and self confidence.

I had to learn to re-love myself all over again before I could even begin to love someone else.

Focus on your intuition.

If something feels off it probably is.

Trust your heart and your gut reaction.

Get to know someone to their core.

Anyone can say anything. However, do they mean it?

People can talk the talk . 

However can they walk the walk?

Actions always speak louder than words do.

If you feel as though you can talk about anything, be honest and direct that's the kind of feeling you want to keep.

You want someone who will appreciate you, flaws and all.

Never someone who will judge.

Someone who is flawed and all and will accept you for who you are, someone who isn’t looking to change you.

Someone who will value you and lift you up in times of hopelessness , sadness, and despair.

Someone who won’t judge who will love you for you.

I am not an easy person to even remotely be in a relationship with.

I have a horrific past.

I  carry my own baggage. I don't even have kids with my ex. He is someone I have to deal with for the rest of my life.

Sometimes the past can follow you to your next relationship rather than you having kids, or an ex in jail.

You want someone who will break down walls for you.

Bring happiness, love,  joy. and laughter to the table.

Someone is your second week of dating shouldn’t make you cry.

You want someone who will make you shine, and bring out positivity in you.

Someone who will support you to the top, and motivate you in all that you do.

Someone who shares the same passions and inspirations.


Be kind and gentle.

It’s vital to have open communication, where you feel like you can talk about anything.

No secrets, no lies, no betrayal, no control, manipulation, or power.

Just communication, trust , honesty, and support like an open book.

Hundred percent honesty and trust, no games.

Lots of love that is rich and pure.