How Truama Affects Self Sabotage?

Trauma affects self sabotage in many ways  you become so adjusted and well known  to hurt, pain, hopelessness , despair.

You may have a tough time developing and nurturing positive and meaningful relationships.

You may have a hard time just understanding yourself.

You feel though you're not worthy or enough.

You push people away before they get too close, because you think they are better off without you, as much as you love them and care about them.

These relationships can be family, friends, and romantic relationships as well.

Self Sabotage actually stems from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, because it comes through past trauma and past abuse.

It’s learned behavior.

It’s our insecurities running at their highest.

It’s self blame, it’s self doubt.

It’s letting people go before letting them in.

It’s setting yourself up for failure.

It’s what you think is the easy way out. Instead of getting hurt, you box in all your emotions.

Self Sabotage looks like rejecting praise, and compliments, not wanting support, do it all on your own theory.

Pushing people away that we love the most because we think it’s the right choice. Why allow someone close to us? When all we know is hurt and abuse? What's going to make them any different than the last person that broke us?

It can also lead to opening up too fast and then we become fear based.

It’s choosing not to do things because we don’t see the things we do as perfect.

We may even choose to put off important projects because we only see failure in ourselves, we don’t want to continue on the path, so we simply throw in the towel and become procrastinators.

Sometimes self care becomes an option where we choose to put others needs in front of our own.

How can we take care of others, when we simply can’t take care of ourselves?

How can we value and love ourselves fully and truly?

Self Sabotage is constantly putting yourself down.

It’s self blame, it’s self doubt, it's having no self confidence, no self esteem. 

It's only hurting you. You become your own worst enemy.

How do you move on and correct this behavior?

Yes it’s very difficult as it becomes a habitat in your daily living, especially if it’s all you have known.

Self Sabotage can start because of past experiences, you have power to end it once and for all.

Here is how you get past it.

Understand your behaviors, create a journal to express your thoughts and feelings,practice mindfulness, and deep breathing. Meditate,make meaningful changes in your life , continue self affirmations, create goals for yourself, so you find meaning and purpose,don’t compare yourself to others. You are your own person, you can be anything you want to be. Face your fears head on, don’t be afraid to identify with your emotions. Most importantly get involved in counseling. 

Your change starts with you.

You have to be willing to step up for yourself.

You have to be willing to put in the work.

Don’t allow your past to write the future you deserve.

This is your life so choose the path that's going to bring joy, peace, and happiness.

What will inspire you?

What are your hopes and dreams?

Find your ambition and your strength will follow.