How Trauma Survivors Are Affected By PTSD

I remember sitting across from my nurse practitioner . 

It was early September of 2016, days after nearly being killed.

My nurse said “ have you heard of PTSD? “ I replied “ Yes people who serve in war get it.

She said no it’s actually anyone who has gone through unthinkable, and imaginable trauma.

So we took the online test. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Most of the questions which I answered was a simple yes.


It was extremely difficult to comparand, to even process.


How could this now be my life?

The sad part is there is no real cure for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Some people have even taken their lives as a result of this disorder, because the pain is just too heavy.

I tried in October of 2016 to end my life. 

I thought not being here was better than confronting and addressing my emotions.

It’s like anything else that you're diagnosed with. You need to get in front right away, before it takes over your life.

Even young children who have experienced trauma may also be diagnosed.

Some PTSD symptoms include intense feelings, nightmares, flashbacks, nausea, sweating, pounding heart, loss of interest, detachment from others, avoiding certain activities, and difficult memory of important trauma events.

PTSD can be exhausting, mental, emotionally, physically draining. 

You feel as though you have no energy.

Fear, panic, and doom take over.

All you know is the worst case scenario.

You need to believe and have faith that you can overcome this.

Find a solution, make a plan.

Use your tool box, dig into the supports.

Victim services, counseling, developing positive healthy relationships.

Focusing on structure, routine, and consistency.

Taking it day by day.

Going into group therapy.

Being open to new concepts.

Being able to grow in a healthy manner.

Finding coping strategies that will be effective to your needs and goals.

PTSD isn’t weakness, it's showing up and finding strength, continuing to move forward day by day. 

It’s about choosing you and putting yourself first, it’s being able to recover in a healthy way.

 Fight for yourself and make the best possible life you can for yourself.

Get in front of it and not behind it.