How Trauma Feels?

Trauma feels as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Trauma feels dark.

You feel as though the storm is here to last a lifetime.

You feel isolated and alone.

You feel hopeless and despair.

You feel as though you have reached your breaking point and entered hell.

You feel unsafe, unmotivated.

Getting up feels like a struggle all by itself

You feel as though you need constant reminders telling you you're safe and not still in your trauma.

It’s overwhelming

You feel the need to go into a dark space. 

Suicided enters your mind, you feel as if that's the only way out.

You feel so trapped, and the emotions consume you in a matter of seconds.

It feels as though it’s all too much.

You feel panic, and doom.

In order to get ahead of how you feel, it all comes down to taking action.

You are the only person that can control your own thoughts and emotions. 

You get to choose how you move forward in your life.

The option is yours.

You can live in the storm or you can look past the storm and look at sunshine.

That’s hard work and dedication.

There isn’t a magic button or fix.

You have to be willing to pull your own weight.

You do this by feeling brave enough to take the steps to move forward.

It’s calling a counselor.

It’s reaching out to the courts, deductives, police, and asking every question you need, so you can gain a sense of clarity.

It’s all about getting the information, and facts that you need in order to feel safe, and secure.

Then it’s unlocking your passion. Find something that makes you shine and sparkle.

Maybe it’s the gym, journaling, running, sports, art, or even maybe it’s the new relationship you embark on that makes you feel like somebody.

Then it’s having a support network, people who will step to the plate and be in your corner no matter what.

It’s having a supportive sounding board, not judgement.

It’s understanding who you are , and wanting to become.

You don’t have to feel trauma forever.

You can allow yourself permission to feel positive feelings again.

It’s okay to live your best life.

It’s better than okay to feel happy, feel wanted, feel secure, feel stronger, and wiser because of your trauma.

Feel the pain when you need it, but feel the strength, bravery, and courage.

Feel your trauma, feel your story, don’t be consumed by what is already gone. Be consumed in finding a way to smile again.