How Trauma Affects Moments Of Impact

We often feel as though we have to hide away our trauma.

That it must be buried.

We don’t want to re ash it.

Let me ask you this, Do you think your moments of trauma can impact someone else?

They sure as hell can be. 

My tattoos are based upon my trauma.

They happen to be noticeable .

One is on my back and my left arm.

One is strength, and the other is “ your wings were ready but my heart is not”.

When I went for something as simple as blood work, I didn't expect it to have the moments of impact that it did.

I simply was asked about my tattoos , my response was simple: I was a witness to the unthinkable, the unspeakable life changing moment.

I said I was a witness in a homicide investigation, and almost had my life taken from me.

The response I received was something you never want to hear that they too had been through horrific trauma.

She too had lost her son. 

My heart  ached for this person, I didn’t even know her.

I saw the resilience, strength, and empowerment in this lady. 

She was incredibly brave.

I thought I was having a bad day, and now I clearly wasn’t.

I feel as though these trauma’s wake us up, help us gain clarity.

We never know what someone may be dealing with or even going through.

How is it that  the more people I meet the bigger impact they have on me. 

A while back someone else had lost their son that confronted me about my trauma.

Trauma affects so many people .

Some silently hold it in, while others try to be a teaching tool to voice their pain, in hopes they can impact someone else.

Trauma changes our lives, our whole purpose , our foundation into who we are and thought we were.

Our perspectives, and our outlooks change in a matter of moments.

No matter how disrespectful someone is, we should never disrespect them back.

We should self reflect and ask ourselves why that person is the way that they are.

Everyone has a story, a past can be so painful, that creeps up when we are least expecting it.

It’s important to always be kind and look past someone’s moments of imperfection.

You never know, because we don’t know what it is we truly don’t know.

Be open minded to others.

Lets help to build each up in moments of weakness, despair and hopelessness.

Let's support each other.

Listen without judgement.

When you are truly ready to share your story with the world, it can be so powerful, and healing.

Someone else may empathize with what you're going through.

Be a source of comfort and support to those who need most.

Strength is within all of us , it's just a matter of what we choose to do with it.

The choice is yours. 

Be the hero that makes someone feel like somebody.