How The Holidays Can Be A Struggle?

The holidays can seem overwhelming to most people.

Anyone who has endured trauma, or a significant loss, or suffers from mental health, and even addiction can really struggle during the holiday season.

Certain sounds, certain songs, certain colours may be a trigger  for those that have faced and struggled with the most horrific challenges, and have worked to overcome them.

Especially if you're an alcoholic it may be hard when everyone else is drinking but yourself.

Do you fear a relapse?

When your loved one is suddenly gone and Christmas was in fact their favourite holiday.

Do you live out their traditions?

Do you sit and cry and wish they were here?

Do you feel depressed and lonely?

Even though you have a loving and caring support network?

Do you feel stressed about the holidays?

Do the holidays bring up unpleasant memories?

How do we cope, and deal with something that happens every year?

Here is a secret.

We cope through readjusting, and restructuring our thought process.

We put one foot forward.

Take this day, thus holiday hour by hour, or minute by minute.

We focus on the task we have.

Maybe create a little list of things you hope to accomplish that day and when you check them off you can feel that self confidence build in yourself.

Maybe you do something nice for someone else, maybe you volunteer at the hospital, and hand out bears to children that can’t go home for the holidays because they are too sick.

Maybe support for the parents who are struggling with their child’s diagnosis, 

Maybe you volunteer at a homeless shelter.

Not to say that what your going through isn’t valid because it is,

We have to switch our mind set and realise that there will always be someone struggling.

That homeless person on the street is struggling to find hope and joy, that one smile or that one coffee you provide them might just give them the glimmer of hope.

That girl you passed on the street wearing her shades because her boyfriend just beat her, that someone is struggling on a whole other level, they fear for safety, they have a thought process that wonders when that next beating will kill them.

Just because someone smiles, posts a picture on social media doesn’t mean their life is all glamorous. 

It means they are choosing to be strong, and brave, they aren’t hiding behind the smile because they want to, maybe it’s their way of reaching out for someone just to check in.

We all struggle with, the anger, the guilt, the sadness, the hardships, the challenges that we come head to head with on an ongoing basis.

It’s important to reset and look at lives for what they truly are, and what they become.

Always show kindness.

Always live everyday as if it’s your last.

You may be having a day from hell which we all are entitled to, however then I challenge you to find something in your life that you are grateful for.

Maybe you're grateful that you have found the love of your life, maybe you're grateful for your children, and family.

Maybe you're grateful for the gym, maybe it’s just getting out of bed, and being able to live another day.

We can either choose to struggle or we can choose to uplift our lives by finding and counting the many blessings that we have in our life.

I guarantee you if you were to ask a homeless person or a child in the hospital what they are grateful for, they would be able to tell you something incredible or even list several things for that matter. 

The ones who go through the biggest storms are the ones that are able to show the most gratitude, because they know hurt, pain, and sorrow all too well. 

They are ones who spark the most light, and are able to create rainbows after it storms.