How Social Media, and Hand Signals Are Saving Lives?

Some people tend to view social media in a negative way.

Some people only care to see the gossip or drama that social media holds.

However a couple weeks ago on tik tok someone’s life was saved through a tik tok video.

A person who was in a domestic violent relationship posted a video with specific hand signals.

Some strangers willingly saw the video and gave hope to a survivor of domestic abuse. 

And that individual was rescued as a result.

See you just never know what someone else may be experiencing.

Social media may be someone’s only hope to get out of a dangerous situation.

These hand signals can really save lives.

So I am asking every single person who is on social media to never turn a blind eye.

Those videos someone posted could be their way of asking for help.

So watch out for these specific cues, or signs of trouble.

Be the person that saves another life.

Be a hero to someone else who is facing horrific abuse, or in violent situations.

Be a light in someone else’s story it shouldn’t matter if they are  across the world one phone call can just change someone's life in a matter of seconds.

.Don’’t be one of those people who turn their backs on someone.

It takes one person to make all the difference in the world.

So stand up and take action when you see these specific hand signals.

Just imagine that it was your sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle.

You would help them, so what's stopping you from helping a stranger.

The violence at home signal is a two step process

  1. Palm to camera and tuck thumb
  2. Trap thumb

You as the survivor never be scared to use this hand gesture; it could save your life.

If you're in danger, use it or if you're scared and feel as though you can’t call for help, use the hand signals.

It just may change your life forever for the better.

If in immediate danger reach out to these help lines.