How Relationship Violence Is Traumatic?

1 in 3 women will be affected by domestic violence.

1 in 4 men will be affected by domestic violence.

Shanann Watts was murdered by her husband Chris Watts who also murdered they’re children and the unborn child.

Laci Peterson was murdered by her husband, and was also pregnant at the time.

Now yet another life taken far too soon.

Gabby Patito was 22 years old , and a blogger as well.

Her body was recently discovered and her boyfriend now has an arrest warrant out for him.

The cases listed above are just some we know of because they have been in the media.

Every single day someone is killed due to domestic violence.

This is a worldwide epidemic.

It's a call for action.

It’s a call for change.

When is enough, going to be enough?

I have first hand experience in domestic violence I have seen it first hand, and I lived through it.

I saw it between my biological parents, as he punched hole through the door.

I experienced this in my very first relationship.

I experienced verbal, emotional, and physical violence.

Then in 2016 Domestic violence resurfaced in my life yet again.

Where I was almost strangled to death and sexually assaulted.

I never felt more validated in my entire life of living.

I felt as though I was breaking apart piece by piece.

The fear that went through my mind thinking is this it for me?

Is a thought you never want to have to experience in your life ever.


I will tell you this much if your abuser lays hands on you once they will do it again.

If your abuser disrespects you, and calls you names, your abuser will do it again.

This doesn’t go away or can’t be tucked under the rug.

This can be life threatening.

Again if you're in immediate danger you call 911 right away.

Otherwise you go to a shelter, not to a friend's house where she or he could find you.

You work with trained professionals and you have an exit plan.

The highest risk of death is when you leave your abuser, called separation assault.

Once again these abusers will make up nonsense and say I’m sorry again, and again.

I remember that all too well.

Don’t wait for it to continue or get worse especially if there's children involved.

Stand your ground, know your worth, and know your value.

No one under any circumstances has the right to put they’re hands on you, or make threats , or disrespect you in any way.

Be the change in your life, make the calls.

Find a safe way out.

Be the hero in your story.

Abusers only get worse rarely do they ever change. 

If they abuse you they will most likely abuse someone else.

Know that you matter and your life is worth fighting for.

Don’t let people judge you.

On average it takes a woman 8 or 9 times before she leaves her abuser.

Never judge something you know nothing about.

It may look one way on social media and behind closed doors it can be a nightmare of pure hell.

Here is a list of resources that can assist you to get the help and support that you need, and most importantly deserve. 

Reach out and ask for help, and start your healing journey today.

  • If you are in immediate danger please call 911
  •                       Assaulted Women's Helpline:

  • 1-866-863-0511 (Toll Free) 1-866-863-7868 (TTY) 416-863-0511 (Toronto)
  • Provincial and Territorial HelpLine: