How Does Trauma Affect Your Self Esteem?

Trauma affects your self esteem through motivation, determination.

Sometimes all we want to do is sleep through our pain.

We feel as though we failed.

We feel worthless and undervalued.

As if we are simply not enough.

You feel though you want to end at all.

You feel as though you can’t escape the horrific pain, fear and guilt that overrides you.

You feel doom, and panic.

You feel insecure and not at ease.

What you knew no longer exists.

You become different , you see yourself in a new light.

You see scars and feel a tremendous amount of survival guilt.

You feel as though nothing you do is right, or will ever be.

You question yourself and your actions.

You question choices , and judgement.

You lose sight of relationships, trust, and honesty.

You think everyone has your worst intention at heart.

You become your own worst enemy.

You pick at every aspect of yourself.

Assume the worst of yourself.

In regards to picking yourself back up you have to start to heal and self reflect.

Ask yourself why you feel this way?

Ask yourself what makes you full of happiness and not emptiness with sadness.

You want things in your life that will inspire you and motivate you.

You want peace and energy in your life, that starts with you.

Start with self affirmations.

Believing is trying.

Write messages on the mirrors such as

I am enough.

I am worthy.

I am valuable.

I deserve happiness, love, and laughter.

Believing starts with your attitude.

We owe it to ourselves after all the heartache and pain. To put out only the positive and dismiss the negative.

It’s about the relationships we build. 

We are in this bright light to be a ray of hope and sunshine for someone else who may be going through the unspeakable and unthinkable trauma.

We owe not only ourselves, however, to others who we have positive interactions with. We do have people who are counting on us.

To be our best is what we owe to ourselves.

To be caring, kind, loving souls.

Self worth has to start and come from within you.

 Rather that's through counselling or finding a passion.

People can tell you anything you want to hear, do they mean it?

Do you mean it when you tell yourself those self affirmations?

When you are truly focused on what brings you happiness, that's when you start to heal.

When finding purpose to the pain and sorrow that's when you begin to heal and find strength, peace, and comfort.

When you are focused that's when your self esteem flourishes, because you create meaning to your pain.