How Does Trauma Affect Unsafe Interactions?

Trauma affects unsafe interactions through our daily experiences.

The world we live in can be very unkind for us.

It can have such a huge emotional impact on us.

I know this all too well.

I choose to walk on the main roads as I somehow have the idea in my head that it would be safer, however that is simply not the case.

I can’t tell you how many times a male has approached in a car, yelling inappropriate comments at me, such as calling me babe, cutie, what are you doing this weekend, wow you look good, or simply honk their horn.

It’s flat out disgusting.

I feel so validated.

I feel as though I am on this emotional roller coaster.

Some people may look at it as no big deal.

For trauma survivors that is simply not the case.

It takes you back to unthinkable and unspeakable events that have occurred in the past.

It’s as if the past is resurfacing.

You want to leave it in the rearview mirror.

You don’t know these strangers and what they could be capable of.

With trauma survivors we always live with our eyes wide open.

We often see the worst before we can even see the positive.

We think if trauma happens to us once it sure as hell can happen again.

It’s vital that we have safety plans in place.

Always make sure your phone is fully charged in the event that you have to dial 911 immediately.

Make sure you have a whistle.

If for whatever reason you don’t feel safe in your own house or environment, contact your local police for a house or apartment safety inspection , and they will suggest different safety tips for you.

Some safety tips may include having an alarm, wood in your windows or between your patio doors.

Take whatever steps you need in order to feel at peace.

You owe it to yourself.

Your safety matters.

Once you feel safe and secure you begin to heal, and continue to grow into the person you want to become.

It’s all about finding a solution to the problems, and taking the proper steps, and overcoming challenging times.

Being safe is in your control. Just be willing to reach out, and know that it’s okay to ask for help. Rather that help is your support network or community resources.

You have the power to take back your life in a positive nurturing way.

Allow every interaction positive or negative to be a teaching tool to move forward, to take back your power.

Trust your intuition.

Know that the negative interactions are never your fault. 

There is no justification for you ever feeling uncomfortable.

You deserve a life of safety, peace, and security.

Don’t ever doubt that.

Be in control, be in the driver's seat. 

Know that for every negative interaction you have , it makes you stronger, it makes you wiser.


Through all the negative challenges remember the positivity that can come into our life, rather it’s a new friendship, a new romantic relationship, or even a new pet. 

Be excited for something new.


You are the key to your own happiness.


Don’t allow these interactions to define you, you can define them.