How Can We Find Healing In The New Year?

Healing comes with time and patience, and love of self.

We are going into 2023 which means it’s a time to really better ourselves, as it’s a fresh start, a new start to being different, and approaching life situations in a new way.

Approaching life by changing our thinking, changing our mind set.

We deserve to heal our past trauma especially when we are starting a new year. It’s important to focus on getting through our trauma and finding those coping methods in order to heal what has been broken.

That starts with getting to know ourselves, and our capabilities.

It’s being able to say I got this, and believing and knowing you can do anything you set your mind too.

In order to begin healing our wounds it has to start with you and for you.

Find your passion, your spark.

Take online quizzes that will help to get to know who you are and what brings light into your life.

Here are some links below to help guide you, into getting to know you and what gives you that drive and inspiration to know yourself again

Another way to start your new year is by defining your long term and short term goals in your life.

Write them down and keep them on your fridge, maybe it’s finding a new job that can be short term or long term. Maybe in 6 months you decide to run a marathon and your short term goal is to go for runs every night or before work so you can be prepared for that marathon. Maybe your artist and your short term goal could be to paint or draw and enter a competition in 6 months down the line.

It’s about setting the stage for success, 

It’s about finding what you want to achieve and following through with it.

Everything is within your reach, you just have to be willing to put in your effort because when you're focused on a project you love, it’s the practice of self care. 

This is essential because we are shifting our minds and focusing on what drives us to be the best individuals we can be. Not just focusing on the trauma and that being your life, that's not a healthy way to live.

It’s all about progressing and finding solutions that will help us develop healthy coping strategies.

Relationships are so vital to our new year, and new beginning. 

If you feel as though the individuals you have in your life are only bringing you down then you have to reevaluate your relationships.

You want people in life who will provide you with support and be a listener and not be judgmental.

That will be loving, kind, nurturing, and push you to be at your best.

You need people who you know will provide you with the goal of lifting you up and not bringing you down, it shouldn’t matter if they are blood related or not.

Support is vital to finding strength and courage.

People we surround ourselves with have a huge impact and influence on us. So we must be careful of our energy and make sure that it’s always positive.

Negative energy will only set us back and keep us from achieving our goals.

We are what we put out there.

Ongoing therapy is also significant. It's great to chat with friends, however it’s instrumental to have that outside person for help, support, and guidance.

Here are some links to counselling resources

United States Counseling Services:

Overall the four main things to take away from this blog are the self assessment tests or courses. As well setting goals short and long term in order to invest time wisely and to have some exciting things to look forward to. Secondly relationships are vital in discovering who you are and who you want to be, we are who we surround ourselves with. The most vital step to healing is talking out to someone who doesn’t know you, getting that outside information is a key for healthy and successful recovery.

You have the power to make your life anything you want to be.

You deserve a life full of happiness and peace especially with all the hell you have been through time and time again.

Let this New Year be a time for change and a time for you to be proud of the life you're building.

 Don’t allow your trauma to define you, re-define your life today.

You are what you make your life to be, your the captain, your the leader to survival.

Be the hero in your story, live and love your life.

Time is a precious gift, make the most out of each and every day.

Remember you got this, I believe in you and you can believe in you as well.