How Can A Relationship Be Sucessful After Truama?

A relationship can be successful after trauma when both people are willing to put in the effort.

When both people are committed.

When there are no secrets, just pure honesty.

When you can hand over each other's phones because you aren’t talking to anyone else.

You have love and respect for eachother.

You show up in the good times and the bad times.

You are committed to one another by showing up and making plans and being there when you say you will be there.

No games, no bullshit, no lies.

You want the person to be there through your darkest moments.

Nobody should run when things get tough unless of course that person never cared to begin with. 

Then you save yourself some time.

You should know that counting on each other isn't an option, rather it’s a priority.

None of us are perfect, however we should have something called common sense when experiencing a relationship.

We should have high expectations and nothing less.

We should surprise each other, especially when we are at our low points.

What guy doesn’t like beer or what girl doesn;t like to get flowers, or even just a love note can make someone's day.

Real relationships are meaningful, and inspiring.

They are filled with up’s  and down’s for sure.

Also moments of love, passion, empathy, strength, care, compassion, uncontrollable laughter, joy, happiness, hope, and the ability to be ourselves.

Relationships should strive to make us and create us into a person then we were yesterday one full of gratitude, and appreciation.

Know what you have in your relationship.

Please take a note and don’t self sabotage an incredible thing because the past didn’t work out or because the future is so unknown.

Live and breathe for the here and the now and create the life you want.

This life, this relationship is up to you.

You choose how you want to write your story, nobody else has that power but you.

When the right relationship comes your way don’t pull it away, pull it in close, because you don’t know if you will ever have the chance to have it again.

If it makes you happy go for it.

Successful relationships are when you can come together, and you have a strong and solid foundation.

It’s when you can’t imagine life without the other person.

It’s stepping up and showing up especially when you didn't have that in the past you should know better.

Don’t make someone else feel how you felt in the past.

Successful relationships are about positive and meaningful interactions.

It’s building each other up, not down.

It’s having confidence not only in yourself , however in the entire relationship.

It’s not just making someone feel like someone but somebody. Making them feel special and worthy. 

That's the growth of success when you can say that the person makes me feel needed, and wanted, and makes me feel as though I am their significant other.