How Anxiety Impacts Life After Trauma

 I remember being in the doctor's office and hearing the words you have anxiety. 

 I mean I knew it was something I always kind of had. 

 Change was always a struggle for me.


My anxiety was at its peak and it started to take over my life after the trauma I had experienced on August 28th, 2016.

Anxiety takes control of you in a matter of seconds. 

1 in 4 Canadians will have anxiety. 

 Anxiety can be because of a trauma, a change, a break up, a loss of job, a loss of a loved one etc. 

It can consume you. 

There is no real magical cure from it. 

Anxiety includes hyperventilating, always thinking the worst, sudden panic of doom, fear, emotional stress, shakes, panic attacks. 

You literally feel like you're in anaphylaxis shock, you feel your throat is about to close. 

You feel like the walls around you are about to close in around you.

 Anxiety is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of trauma, heartache, and pain.

 It's fighting day to day battles .

 Those battles take a tremendous amount of strength and courage.


 In my personal  battle with anxiety I didn't like anyone close to me or remotely in my space. 

When the gym got too busy it was overwhelming,  when too many people were at the mall that would be all too much. 

Being on the bus I would literally feel trapped.

 I almost made sure I was beside the door in case I needed to make a quick exit.

 I feel like I couldn't move or couldn't breathe like my legs would give out if I was crowded.  

There would be times at the gym that I would have to constantly move or be near the exit just so I could breathe.

 Everything felt like a trigger. 

I felt like the world was out to get me. 

Sometimes I even felt like I was back in my trauma. 

The palms on my hands would be covered in sweat . 

The emotional breakdowns were uncontrollable, sometimes I caught myself crying in public. 

It was so draining mentally, emotionally and physically.  

It was beginning to suck the life out of me. 

I thought to myself would this ever end. 

I constantly felt as if I was in that fighter fight mode.

With anxiety you can often feel nausea, unwell or have an upset stomach. 

Sometimes it can feel like the flu times a million , because every bone in your body is so exhausted. 

It literally takes over your body in every single aspect. 


You don't get over anxiety, you learn to get through it by living in the present moment. 

We can't go back and change the past and the future is unknown. 

Remember there is only today.

Be active in the moment. 

Talking to a counselor or group therapy is one of the best strategies to get through it. 

It will never go completely away, it's all about how you handle it. 

it’s how you take control over it ,so it no longer has the power to control your mind, body and soul. 

It's about getting in front of it as quickly as you can.

It's about finding techniques that are going to be effective.


Take deeper breaths, focus on what's in the room around you. 

Think of the colors in the room, find something to count in the room.  

Focus on the moment.

 Focus on what you can do to calm these nerves down. 

It's all about finding a solution to the problem and taking action.

 If you continue to never take action that's where it begins to escalate and consumes your life and every thought..


Yes no matter what you're going to have your moments.

Anxiety doesn't go away with a click of a button. 

You just need to be patient with yourself. 

Know yourself.

 Dig deep self reflection..ask yourself what will help you in a moment of weakness or struggles, maybe it's going for the run, getting that coffee , taking a bath with special salts. 

There are even anxiety sprays you can buy.

It's crazy to think how a scent can be calming in times of panic. 

Carry stuff with you that will give you a peace of mind, maybe you carry a whistle around like how I do. 

Maybe you carry some essential sprays with you. 

You do whatever you have to do to bring you peace and calmness. 

Maybe it's even something as simple as calling or texting that special person. 

It's all about keeping your head held high. 

It's about continuing to move forward. 

Recharge and re-energize when you need it.

 Remember there is only you looking after you. 

No one else will care for you the way you care and love yourself. 

Take day by day or hour by hour.

 Continue to rise up. 

Know it's okay to have your moments, just don't allow them to be permanent.  

Keep reaching for the stars.

 Know that you're not alone. 

We all struggle , we all go through our down moments. 

We continue to strive and do the best we can and that's really all we can do. 

Keep believing, keep going, know your worth.