Finding Strength After Surviving Trauma

Often people will ask me how I have found my strength.


For me it’s been a journey filled with healing and growth.

Finding strength for me has come through four different outlets.

The gym has literally saved my life.

It provided me with a whole new perspective.

The gym isn’t just about how physically strong you can be.

It’s how mentally , emotionally strong that you can be. 

It’s the fight for your mental health, it’s having that routine, consistency, and structure.

It’s having something to look forward to.

For me the gym is my mini vacation, I silenced out the world around me. 

I focus on what I can control, and that is my workout, the weights I lift, and what exercise comes next.

It supports my Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression, by providing the day to day structure that I need, to get through some of my ongoing struggles.

It’s a place where I reset, and re adjust.

Secondly, what has continued to provide me with strength is my support system. 

They constantly provide me with reassurance.

They are my light on dark days.

They continue to support my journey of healing, and growth.

They never judge, they simply listen.

They have contributed to my success, and have also been there for when I have fallen.

The guidance they provide each and everyday is a true comfort.

It’s a true testament of who they are.

My support team influences me to be the best version of myself that I can, and continue to be.

The gratitude I have towards my support team  can’t even be put into words. 

I am forever blessed, and truly fortunate.

Thirdly, my counselling has definitely been a huge key factor in my recovery.

I have a counselor who believes in me.

I have a councillor that gives me the advice I need in order to move forward and live the best possible life for myself.

Whenever I have a moment of weakness, pain, and sorrow she is the person I call and reach out too. 

I never want my feelings to be out of control

I want to get in front of my feelings.

She has taught me to never run from your problems. 

You need to lay everything on the table.

It’s okay to feel how you need to feel.

She gives me the support I need to self-reflect, and dig deep, so I can be everything that I need to be.

Lastly, what gives me the strength to keep going on is giving back to others.

Writing my book Finding Strength Through Tragedy.

Posting videos, having inspiring quotes. 

What I love the most is people sharing their traumas with me, and having that level of trust.

It’s all been so uplifting, and it’s helped me to find my purpose.

It’s provided me insight to the meaning of life.

I sit here feeling so humbled to know that I got to this place, this journey in my life.

I am forever grateful that I have found my strength.

I wonder what your strength looks like? I wonder where you find your strength?

What motivates you? What gives you the most hope and determination?

Finding strength is key to a better and happier you.