Evaluating Your Current Relationship...

When you open your heart to love, and get burned your heart instantly shatters into a million pieces.

You feel as though you're broken and beat down.

Your heart can’t possibly sink anymore.

You struggle to find purpose to go on.

You have abandonment and trust issues.

You believed in words that someone had promised you in hopes that you would come together in a time of need.

There was never room in your heart for doubt.

You only want the best out of this relationship.

You let down the walls in which you have built up for so long just to bring them back up.

Are closing the walls easier?

Are we running from something or possibly someone?

 Never imagined you as a distant memory nor would you ever want that to come true.

You only ever wanted a future with that someone and only that someone because that was where your heart sat tight, was in the comfort of that special person.

Do we make mistakes?

Do we fall short sometimes?

Do we not see eye to eye sometimes?

Yes to all the above it’s not always going to be rainbows and sunshine.

One thing to learn about is people never totally agree with each other , however if they choose to stay together they can and will work it out.

You don’t run when the going gets tough you work out like two mature adults.

You find a resolution to the problem, communication is common but yet ignored at the same time.

Being in a relationship is a partnership, it’s team building.

It’s supporting each other through the highs and lows.

If your relationship is of value and importance you two will survive the storms together , no matter how dark or rocky it gets.

That's how you define true love.

Especially when the two of you have been through difficult paths already.

What about the positives in your relationship?

What about the laughter?

What about the kind gestures?

What about romance?

What about watching sports together and feeling so safe and so secure in that individual's arms?

What about the endless dinners?

What about the walks out on the town?

Why are we so quick to run away from it all ?

Why do self sabotage something great to have our hearts break?

Why not choose love?

Life is short, nobody knows what tomorrow will or will not bring.

Romantic relationships are pure love in your heart and in your soul.

Feel all the emotions.

Love with all you have.

Focus on the moments.

Address the negative when you have too, behind every negative there is a positive.

When that special comes into your life you will know because you will feel them in your heart and you will go to the end of the earth for that individual.

There won’t be room for doubt, only pure and honest love.