Don't Be Quick to Judge Others

People are so quick to judge and make assumptions about stuff that they know nothing about.

I hear it all the time, "Look at that druggie, or look at the meth head."

I hate those words with a passion.

Those are people too.

We don't know what someone else is dealing with or facing in their own personal life.

Maybe that homeless man just lost his family in a fire.

Maybe that woman you see bagging for money just lost her daughter to cancer.

Maybe that teen you set on the streets just got raped.

Maybe that family just lost everything due to this pandemic we are currently facing.

Maybe that honor student just became a survivor of crime.

You don't know what you don't know.

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Be kind, have empathy, and compassion.

Everybody is someone.

That is someone's daughter, son, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, nephew, and niece.

Stop judging and start showing respect for these individuals.

They are suffering enough.

Be grateful for what you have because these people that are living on the streets are struggling.

They don't have a roof over their head like you and they don't have water, electricity, etc.

Instead of pointing fingers, buy them a meal.

Tell them how courageous and brave they are.

They need healthy self-esteem.

And you can inspire that by just being kind, paying attention, being a listener, and not judging.

Don't make someone else hurt more than they are already hurting.

Be aware, see how you can help bring a warm blanket and extra clothes.

Tell them you believe in them.

That could just as well be you or someone you love.

Have an open heart and an open mind.

Be the voice of change, not of judgment.

Remember this as well.

Just because you see a smile on someone's face on social
media or on the streets doesn't mean that there isn't pain behind their smile.

Take action, not judgment, take love and kindness and bring happiness wherever you go.