Don't Allow Trauma To Define Your Happiness

After experiencing hardship or trauma ,we often feel as though we don’t deserve happiness.

Let me tell you.

You deserve happiness, after all the hell you have gone through.

It’s okay to live again.

You fought so hard to get to where you are now. 

Nobody did that for you, you chose to restart your life.

You don’t have to allow the trauma to define your happiness anymore.

How is that being fair to you?

Everyday you should look at yourself feeling proud of your progress,strength, healing, and growth.

You make your life what it is.

You get to write your script.

What do you want it to look like?

You have the power within you to make yourself happy.

Happiness comes through self care.

Happiness comes through moving forward.

Happiness comes through the people you surround yourself with.

You can choose to waste time.

Point fingers, point blame.

Or you can choose to live for all the things that can and will make you happy.

Happiness starts with you.

Happiness is love of self , love of life.

It’s being able to forgive yourself for not knowing at the time.

After we have been through and experienced so much darkness, it’s okay to have light in our lives again.

We are what we make our lives to be. 

If you want a good life then be happy.

Happiness doesn’t come around as often as it should. 

When you're happy other people are happy for you, especially the ones who have watched your journey.

I choose happiness because I don’t want to fall short in this life.

I want to continue to rise up.

I now know that I deserve happiness.

Happiness comes through work of self just like anything else.

You have to be patient with yourself.

You can’t fear happiness, 

You shouldn’t allow others to suck out your happiness.

It’s your life not someone else’s 

Happiness can come through so many different aspects in your life, some romantic, some friendship, happiness of a job, new house, new car, new workout plan.

My happiness comes through the gym, inspiring others, having a huge support  network, through a new relationship I have started to embark on ,that I couldn’t be more excited about.

Happiness is the key to joy, laughter, and a great life.

Don’t sell yourself short because you just may miss out on alot.