Does Trauma Ever Go Away?

No trauma never goes away.


 You never get over it.


You get through it.


You learn to adapt. 


You rebuild and restructure yourself entirely. 


You learn that life is day by day.


You learn that nothing in this life is certain or promised.


You learn to accept what you can't change.


It's about being in the moment and being in the here and the now.


It's about moving forward with counseling,  or group therapy,  using community support.


It's learning what simply fits in your life and what doesn't. 


It's all about self care and not trying to please other people in the process.


You have to be able to self reflect and dig deep.


You have to ask yourself how you can learn and grow from your trauma.


Ask yourself what brings you peace and happiness!


What inspires you, what motivates you?


You have to keep the light burning stronger than the trauma. 


You have to get in front of it. 


Feel all your emotions.


You are never going to forget what happens as it's not about the time healing all wounds, that's simply not how it works at all.


It's finding things in that time that bring passion , motivation, determination  , and strength into your life.


It's finding a positive outlet rather than sports, journaling, the gym, volunteering, joining a committee, even writing a book.


It's finding the light through darkness. 


It's starting from scratch and finding out who you are and what you want to become.


Your trauma doesn't end or get magically erased from your life.


As dates and anniversaries come and go every year.


It's having support and having people who will support you and believe in you in your life.


Healing starts with you.


You choose the path you want  .


You determine your life.


Find what makes you sparkle and shine your way to your dreams. 


Take the reins , and ride into the light.


You have the power to create your future. 


The history is gone, we can't go back and change it.


We can only make our present stronger and brighter.


Be the person you want to be. 


Don't allow your trauma to define you.


You define your trauma by choosing you.