Discovering Relationships After Trauma

Relationships can really make you or break you especially after going through a trauma. 

You want people in your life who are going to build you up, not bring you down. 

It doesn't matter if it's your parents or your friend of ten years, if they don't have your best interest at heart it may be time to just simply cut ties. 

You get what you put out.


If you receive and allow negative energy to be in your life. 

Then you are not valuing yourself.  

You're not being kind to yourself.

 You're allowing your confidence and self worth to take a hit. 

You need to be willing to set boundaries. Have limits, and have standards. 

Why settle for less? Especially when you're re-structuring and rebuilding your own life.

You can set limits. You deserve only the best. 

You need people that our givers, and not just in your life to take and take. 

You need to set standards. 

You need to say when enough is enough. 

You can’t please everyone and that's okay.

For me you either like me or you don't.

 I am okay with that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and own beliefs. 

You set the stage, you set the tone. This life is yours to live. 

You have to let go of the toxic, you don’t owe anyone anything. 

You have to be willing to fight for want matters and let go of want doesn’t. 

Some things fit, some things don’t.

The relationships that I want to have are ones that aren’t forced. 

That are real. 

They value me the way I value them.


They don’t judge , they listen. 

There are no lies, just complete honesty. 

There are no games, bullshit, just fun and excitement. 

 I want relationships that are built on the foundation of trust because for me trust is huge.  

If there is no trust, there is no relationship. 

When you're with me, you're with me. 

For me personally I live a pretty busy lifestyle, I enjoy relationships where we can pick up where we left off. 

It’s all about happiness and connection. 

 It’s about making that other person smile.  

It’s uncontrollable laughter.

 It’s seeing the best in those people who support you and bring you up.

Relationships that are healthy provide you with strength, confidence, and don’t leave you second guessing. 

They make you feel like you can be yourself. 

Positive relationships make you feel grateful, and appreciated, blessed, and humbled.

Then for me personally there are those relationships that have turned into family. 

They provide  endless support , and encouragement. 

They are the people who rallied around me during my weakest moments.

 Who gave me hope in times of despair. 

You allowed me to not only just be myself. 

Continued to have faith in me, and allow me to see my potential. 

Those relationships are true and meaningful are the ones that lead me to where I am today. 

I feel humble, I feel gratitude when I think of those specific relationships.  

I don’t have all the words to truly express my thanks and appreciation. 

My friends, friends who have become family, and to my actual family which is small has provided me with motivation, and determination.

 I know I can and will continue to get through anything that life throws at me, when they are by my side.

For those you have a different perspective of me, or we aren’t so close anymore that's okay too. 

It’s made me stronger and wiser.

For the romantic relationships that have failed you have been a teaching tool for me. 

You have been a self reflection for what I don’t deserve or need.

I have come out of those relationships as a fighter. 

 As the woman who knows what she wants, and what she truly deserves.

Every relationship, good or bad has gotten me to this point. 

I feel that family has been not defined by blood what you make it to be.  

Relationships are what makes you shine and grow.

They uplift you in, provide you that constant strength, and hope.

You get to write your relationship chapter. 

I wonder what your relationships will be like going forward!

 Make sure that they treat you how you want to be treated, make sure there is room for growth, and acceptance.

Don’t give less, don't give more, meet them halfway.