Cheating In A Romantic Relationship..

Cheating will hurt like hell.

It will be a deal breaker.

It’s not really something you just get over and forget about.

It takes you backwards especially if you have been through past trauma.

Cheating makes you feel as though you are not enough, or unworthy.

It diminishes your self confidence, self worth, and self esteem.

It creates a sense of feeling as though you are unlovable.

It creates a hole in your heart.

It breaks you down to a whole new level of self doubt.

Cheating shouldn’t even be an option in a relationship

If you simply don’t want to be in a relationship then you shouldn’t be in one.

Be honest with your partner and walk away from the situation.

Why hurt someone , if you're not happy?

Be responsible to walk away from the relationship.

Hurting someone else because your hurt isn’t the answer, nor will it ever be.

Some signs to look for in someone who is cheating on you is secretive behaviour, is always staying late after work, goes on business trips often, emotional detachment, emotional and mental disconnect. Not wanting to be intimate in the relationship.

They push away, and making everything seem as though it’s your fault, that's where not feeling good enough comes into play.

Your relationship is an option to them and not a priority.

Cheaters are only out for themselves, they lack empathy and compassion.

They don’t have your best interest at heart.

If they cheat on you, they will cheat with you.

Sometimes we have to walk away from the idea of what we thought we knew or wanted.

Never except cheating, it's a form of disrespect.

I have always been in the mind  set that you treat people how you would want to be treated. 

I wouldn’t cheat on someone and I would expect the same from them.

In regards to cheating you do have trust issues after, which you're more than entitled to have.

You're going to have walls build up around you.

You're going to need counselling, because you're going to have to rebuild, restructure, adjust your life so you can begin to heal.

You also have to get into a new mind frame and not think that history will repeat itself which again you will need to work on in therapy, and boost your confidence back up to where it needs to be, and where you deserve it to be.

You have to pick up the broken pieces of your heart while the cheater walks away. 

Your left to redesign your life.

Cheating is not who I am and not what I believe in.

It’s not in my morals or values.

Being in a relationship is a commitment, it is not an empty promise.