Are Trauma Bonds Bad?

Yes, trauma bonds are bad.

They leave you in pure darkness.

They can leave you fighting for your life.

Trauma bonds can consume you.

They can control, manipulate, and instill fear.

Let me be direct trauma bonds don’t have to be just physical violence, it’s emotional and mental as well.

It is like an addict needing their next fix.

It becomes a pattern, a habit, a routine.

It may be all you ever knew.

It becomes ingrained in you.

The abuser is charming and vindictive and they worm their way back into your life again and again.

On average it takes a woman 8 to 9 times before she leaves her abuser.

The abuser sucks you back through their charm, and power.

By saying things such as, I will take care of you, I'm sorry it won’t happen again, I didn’t mean it, I don’t want to lose you, you're the best thing I have in my life.

They pull on your emotional heart strings any which way that they can.

It’s all about them.

They will never change, they are who they are.

Every time you go back to them, you're taking a piece of your heart.

You're creating pain, instead of happiness.

You self sabotaging your life.

You're degrading yourself by staying with someone who disrespects you.

You're not moving forward or living your best life.

Your confidence ,self esteem, and self worth becomes diminished.

Your mental health suffers as a  result.

You can’t fix your abuser.

The longer you stay the longer it will take you to rebuild yourself, and get to where you need to be, and where you deserve to be.

They don’t serve your purpose.

They don’t want you with anyone else.

It’ up to you to regain and re take back your life,

The choice is yours at the end of the day.

You hold the keys to the present and future.

You have the power to change this experience and walk away for good, as long as it’s safe to do so.

Have an exit plan in place, If you are in fact in immediate danger call 911. If you require legal assistance make sure to contact them or legal aid. Go to local shelters, and get counseling the sooner the better. Have a support network that you can talk to without judgement.

Rediscover yourself in a healthy way.

Start living for you.