8 Hidden Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental health condition that can occur after a trauma or a massive change in an individuals life.

The first hidden symptom of anxiety is the ability to feel as though you don’t have a voice , as if you can’t speak up or express yourself. 

You think as though you can’t speak for yourself because of the worry, the fear, you don’t feel as though you're worthy to truly be yourself.

You constantly worry about every little thing, finiances, and what you're going to wear tomorrow.

You worry about the routine, that structure, how your environment will look that day.

You get worried and wrapped up in your past and future, you sometimes forget to live and be in the current moment.

Thirdly you always are stressed out about the people around you, into what you're saying, how you're responding to problems.

You choose stress over happiness, you create problems that don’t really need to be there.

You place this stress over your shoulders because you feel like it’s what you think you deserve because of your past.

It’s almost easier to stress because it’s what you know versus the feeling of peace and happiness, and laughter.

You feel this need, this obligation to cause yourself stress over what could be the smallest thing.

Is that really truly living the best life for yourself?

No you're creating conflict and chaos in your life which is unhealthy and leads to major breakdowns, rather it’s emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Fourthly is you place so much pressure on yourself with the feelings of guilt to not be enough.

You're stuck, trapped, lost in that negative mindset.

 The fifth hidden symptom to anxiety is you constantly think that everyone sees what's in your head ,this where you might play off as someone that you're not.

You may always tells people your excellent so they think that's what your thinking, or smile in every picture even though your struggling to hold back those tears.

Sixth is simply feelings judged, as if everyone has a negative mindset of you, for instance your crying in public , your thinking people are going to think the worst of you, laugh point fingers at you, not knowing you have  just been through a horrific trauma.

You think people will judge your posts on social media because they aren’t like everyone else.

You think people will judge you for being too sensitive or being hyper vigilant because you're too familiar with trauma where some people are naive.

Seventh is thinking you have to always be perfect which isn’t reality because no one is perfect, you have a mindset that thinks you always need to go to the next level or you're not good enough.

Eighth is over achieving like you always need to do more, or better, even if you got A on a project or a 10 out 10 you could have done better.

You think you have these deadlines that you set for yourself, or time frames, constantly pressuring yourself to do more to do better, or you want to look a certain way.

Too much pressure can lead to health complications, such eating disorders, heart attacks, even seizures.

It’s crazy what stress and pressure can do to us if we don’t acknowledge it or take action,

Taking actions means digging into your tool box, finding a solution to the problem.

That starts with reaching out to these resources, it could change your life, and your outlook on life in seconds just by reaching out for support.






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It takes so much strength to pull yourself out of an anxiety attack , be proud of how courageous you truly are. Keep going, cause I believe in you.