5 Ways To Heal Emotional Abuse..

Emotional abuse can cause you to think poorly of yourself.

You tend to think you are not good enough for yourself or for anyone else for that matter.

If you're anything like me and you wear your heart on your sleeve the damage of emotional abuse can be pretty extensive in that case.

I still remember getting slapped across head called fucking stupid, I remember another family member being called a selfish bitch by that individual.

Also me having my first boyfriend cheat on me, that is emotional abuse right there, because the person said I love you or I do’s shattered the ideas of what you thought a future would be like with him or her..

They made you feel unworthy, and undervalued.

It’s as if you didn’t matter.

Nothing you did was ever good enough.

You were replaceable in seconds.

That's emotional damage, that leaves you feeling broken.

Being in a middle of murder scene and being told your life has no value because your just going to be a nanny forever.

Words hurt, words are powerful.

How do you overcome this?

How does it not play over and over again in your head?

I will tell you through a lot of coping strategies, and self care.

That's how you began your journey into healing and growing.

You acknowledge that your emotions have been shattered in step one.

You feel everything that you need to feel, because you're entitled to that. Running from your feelings and emotions won’t fix what's been broken. 

It’s like an addict running away from their drug addiction. If they don’t acknowledge the problem there will never be a resolution.

You have to own, and be willing to sit down with a trained professional and discuss your feelings and insecurities.

Thirdly you have to be willing to get to know yourself.

You need self evaluate, and when I mean by that is digging deep and self reflecting.

What is your purpose?

What motivates you?

What are you passionate about?

What provides you with hope?

What makes you happy?

What could you do everyday to be proud of yourself?

That's where finding a passionate hobby comes into play, something that excites you, something that you can look forward to in your day.

Maybe it’s rock climbing, the gym, cooking, cleaning, volunteering, running marathons, swimming, sports, art, journaling, site seeing, going on hikes.

Everyone is different and everyone will find something that brings them peace , after they have been through a storm.

My passion that gets me through some of the rough days is the gym.

I wonder what yours will be!

The fourth step into overcoming emotional abuse is finding people who are going to build you up, and bring out the positives in you.

The fifth step to overcoming emotional abuse is living in the present moment. 

You can’t erase the past, you can’t see the future, all you can really do is live for the here and now, day by day, and hour by hour.

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