5 Signs of Trauma Bonding?

Trauma bonding is emotional abuse in which an abuser asserts control, dominance, power, and manipulation.

It's an attachment that is informed in time with your abuser.

The bond is created based on abuse and positive reinforcement.

The first sign of trauma bonding is the relationship takes off very fast, and is very intense.

The connection and chemistry becomes instant.

Secondly the connection of intimacy appears to be extremely high.

As a result the relationship becomes based on a sexual and physical connection, in order to draw you in, and thats where the fake I love you comes into motion.

Thirdly the relationship goes from 0 to a 100 instantly, it's an absolute roller coaster.

One day, or one minute can seem perfect and then within a blink of an eye it all seems to go down hill, as fast as it went up.

Fourthly there is real communication or lack of communication. 

The abuser will avoid all significant conversations that will benefit the relationship.

The only person they are looking for is themselves.

They don’t care to address your thoughts or emotions.

They will avoid any real connection.

They want you when they want you. 

They have a personal agenda, they don’t want difficult conversations.

They live in a fantasy world.

The abuser is unpredictable and goes to extremes to make things about themselves.

The fifth sign of trauma bonding is the relationship becomes your drug of choice, no matter how many times you try to quit you simply can’t, you're almost waiting on your next fix.

It's so powerful that you keep going back time and time again because the abuser will constantly guilt trip you into staying.

They will make excuses and lie to you, the biggest sign of trauma bonding is they will fake it infront of everyone making themselves look like the hero not the villain.

For these individuals it’s all about gaining power and control over you. 

It’s not real love.

It’s abuse .

In the next blog I will provide you with five examples of what a true healthy relationship looks and feels like.

Be aware, and know what it is you deserve and what it is you don’t.

You can control the situation, instead of letting it control you.

Don’t allow toxicity to over power you, over power it by walking away when it’s safe to do so.

Sometimes change is what we need to find our strength within us.