10 Abusive Signs Of Gaslighting In A Relationship?

 Gaslighting is a form of manipulation, power ,and control.

It is a form of emotional abuse. Where the abuser misleads the individual creating a false narrative.

The person that's being abused is led to question his or her judgement and reality.

One of the signs in gaslighting is intimidation, where they make and create threats such as I am going to tell this person what you said.

Secondly they try to isolate you as much as they can, because they want you all to themselves.

They will have boundaries around you and expectations, such no we made these plans you didn’t make them with someone else.

Thirdly love bombing is form of gaslighting.

Love bombing is when the abuser demonstrates attention and affection, in order to manipulate and influence you.

They say all the things they can to sweep you off your feet especially if they have done wrong.

The I love you’s come very early on, the marriage talk very early on. 

They say love is blind, you definitely get blind sided in these types of relationships.

The abuser also diminishes you and takes advantage of your kindness, and caring soul.

They emotionally abuse you where you lose your self esteem, self worth, and self confidence.

You lose your ability to trust.

They are secretive and rarely ever loyal.

They will cheat you in a heartbeat, and if you find out they will simply place blame on you saying you didn’t give them enough attention.

Through these cheating lies, secretive experiences where you begin to suffer emotionally , and you lose confidence, you lose a part of yourself, and what you throughout the relationship was.

I will tell you that is not a relationship you want, need, nor deserve for that matter.

They mentally abuse you.

They use the word sorry and sorry over again or they will go into complete denial and say no I never called you that name it’s all in your head.

The gaslighter doesn’t like when you show emotion; it makes them feel uncomfortable because they are an abuser they lack empathy, compassion, and remorse.

They will often walk away when you cry, they won’t be that night and shining armor that wipes away your tears.

They are attention seeking individuals and everything revolves around them.

They like to talk about themselves, they will rarely ask about you, or your day.

Gaslighting is nothing more than power play to play with your emotions to manipulate into thinking your way that is always wrong, and nothing you do is ever good enough.

Everything will always be your fault because they don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Gaslighting is not a form of love.

Gaslighting isn’t healthy, it's purley toxic.

It will drain you mentally, emotionally.

It won’t get better the longer the stay the worse it gets, the longer you stay the longer it will take for you to take back your own life.

Once a gaslighter always a gaslighter.