Finding Strength Through Tragedy

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After almost being murdered, I hope my healing journey will help just one more person...

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Blog posts

Through the years Ashley has faced unimaginable situations but she has been able to dig deep & foster these traits to see herself through. Ashley’s drive & compassion for others has led her to write this book in the hopes of reaching even just one person to let them know they are not alone.


"Ashley is a warrior! Brave, strong hearted and courageous. She is an inspiration to wome neverywhere. Her love and light is contagious and it shines in her story".


"Ashley is a beacon of hope and inspiration. She was able to turn a tragedy into a way to support and inspire others. She truly is a beautiful soul with a big heart."


"Truly, Ashley is passionate, creative and selfless. She is capable of inspiring countless people of all ages with her good-heart and her eye-opening stories."


"Ashley has always been such a sweet friend and all-around wonderful person. I am so thankful to know her. I am beyond proud of her, and her strength!"


“Ashley radiates more than she knows. As a student, she was diligent and watching her grow and go through both good and bad experiences have shaped the person she is today. Although I taught her, it is she who teaches me now!”


"Ashley is the sweetest soul. Through all of the trials and tribulations, she remains kind, brave and unscathed."


:Ashley is an inspiring woman. She has endured some extremely tough times, yet she is always thinking of others and extending kindness into her community. Ashley has a heart of gold and a warm,welcoming spirit."